Zee TV Serial Kaala Teeka Main Cast Real Name & Photos

Kaala Teeka is an Indian TV serial that is broadcasted on Zee TV at 7 in the evening from every Monday to Friday. It started broadcasting on 2nd November, 2015 under the banner of the DJ’s Creative Unit. The script was written by S.Manasvi and Srinitha Bhaumik. The producers of Kaala Teeka are  Tony Singh and Deeya Singh and is directed by Utkarsh. It has aired 311 episodes until 2nd December. The theme of the story is based on superstitious beliefs.

Casting in the serial is done by a number of artists. But the main casts are as below:

  • Simran Pareenja – Kaali
  • Mayank Gandhi – Nandu (Husband of Kaali)
  • Fenil Umrigar. – Gauri Yug Chowdhary
  • Rohan Gandotra. – Yug Chowdhary (Gauri’s Husband).
  • Daljeet Kaur. – Manjiri
  • Bhupinder Singh- Vishwaveer Jha.

Kaala Teeka is the story of a father named Vishwaveer Jha and his venture to protect his only daughter named Gauri from a hereditary curse. He adopts an orphaned baby girl naming her Kaali as Gauri’s Kaala Teeka to protect her upon understanding that Kaali able to protect Gauri.

Let’s have a detailed look at the main characters of Kaala Teeka:

1. Kaali as Simran Parinja

Kaali as Simran Parinja

She is known as the Kaala Teeka of Gauri and protects her by every means. Kaali does not speak much to anybody except Gauri. She wish to be released from the role of Kaala Teeka and to be identified as her own self. She prays to Lord Rama for this. Kaali suffers a lot of torture from Madhuri as Vishwaveer Jha is jailed instead of her(Kaali). She likes to sing and has a wonderful voice for what Yug Chowdhary falls for her. Singing makes her happy and relaxes her.

The character of Kaali is done by Simran Parinja, an Indian actress who is known for her excellent acting and good look. She is 24 yrs old and unmarried. Simran is very much dedicated to her career. She made her acting debut in a show ‘Tu Mera Hero’.

2. Nandu as Mayank Gandhi

Nandu as Mayank Gandhi

Nandu is Kaali’s second husband. Earlier she was afraid of Nandu and Gauri uses him to plot against Kaali. But later on in the drama situations change and they get married.

The role of Nandu is casted by Mayank Gandhi. He is a popular actor and model.

3. Gauri as Fenil Umrigar

Gauri as Fenil Umrigar

Gauri is the daughter of Vishwaveer Jha and Madhuri, who is supposed to have a familial curse upon her. She is born and brought up with every facility, luxury and comfort which makes her disobedient and arrogant. She has the confidence that whatever her wish, will be granted somehow either by her mother or by Kaali. She is credited for whatever Kaali does for her.

Gauri is cast by Fenil Umrigar aged 25. She has been active in acting since 2010 until now.

4. Yug Chowdhary as Rohan Gandotra

Yug Chowdhary as Rohan Gandotra

Yug is another leading role, in the serial. He is the husband of Gauri and also the ex-husband of Kaali whom he falls for because of her excellent voice. The marriage between Yug and Gauri is fixed at first, but fate changes all plans and he gets married to Kaali. Yug is an example for the modern youth.

The role of Yug is cast by Rohan Gandotra. He is popular for his fabulous casting and great looks. Rohan is 26 years old.

5. Manjiri as Daljeet Kaur

Manjiri as Daljeet Kaur

Manjiri is Vishwaveer’s first wife and does not have kids. Therefore, she loves Kaali very much and takes care of her as Manjiri’s own daughter. Later in the twist of the story she is living with Yug Chowdhary and has great influence in shaping his character. She is a kind, loving character with moral values in the serial. She believes in Karma. She is the only veil for Kaali at home when she is tortured by somebody.

The menagerie is cast by Daljeet Kaur, who is just 34. She has acted in many other serials too.

6. Vishwaveer Jha as Bhupinder Singh

 Vishwaveer Jha as Bhupinder Singh

He is the main father character of the story or the father of Gauri (cast by Bhupinder Singh), who is very keen to protect his only daughter. He is basically a wealthy astrologer known for his excellent and accurate predictions in astrology. To save Gauri he gives up his astrology career.

These main characters make the serial a hit with their great acting.

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