Zee TV Serial Brahmarakshas Story, Wiki, Main Cast Real Name & Photos

Zee Tv is one of the most entertaining TV channels in India. It has the variety of shows and serials that watched by more than 20 crore people around India and some foreign Countries. This TV is one of the successful TV in that industry. It is one of the most watched TV in India, according to the TRP ratings. Most of those TV shows are mind blowing and it has the power to tie the viewer in the same place for an hour. The latest addition to this TV is Brahmarakshas- Jaag Utha Shaitaan. It is a science fiction thriller based TV series

Brahmarakshas- Jaag Utha Shaithan is an ongoing supernatural fiction drama in Hindi. This Tv series was aired on Zee TV from the 6th of August 2016. This story is simply based on some of the fantasy film thriller English serials like beauty and the beast. This was aired in the 9pm slot during Saturdays and Sundays. This serial was produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under the production company named Balaji telefilms. These two are the creator and writers of this story. As of now, totaling 36 episodes are aired. This serial receives positive reviews from the viewers because of its thrilling concept.

Story Synopsis

This story tells the fairy tale of shape-shifting monster. This is the first time this kind of serials is aired in Indian TV history as per Zee TV.     The place where the story is happening is Kamalpura, known for its unique rituals and other traditions. The newly wedded brides in that village are in constant fear to the color red. As per Hindu traditions, a wedded bride was identified by red sindoor, red bangles, and chiming anklets. But in Kamalpura all are reversed, they wear all these items in white color because of their fear of Red color. Because these red color items awaken the monster called Brahmaraksha in the village. This story also tells about the love between a monster and the girl. The story revolved around the two people Raina and Rishabh. Both love each other and they are the newly married couple. One day without knowing about a monster in the village, they call the monster that kills newly wedded brides. The Rest of the story is how the monster influence them and how they escape from that monster.

Cast Crew

Raina and Rishabh are the main important character along with the monster character. But another character also has some weight in their portions. They lead cast that acted in Brahmarakshas are

1. Krystle D’Souza as Raina Rishabh Shrivastava

Krystle D'Souza

She started her career with a bang from her first serial only and today considered one of the most beautiful attractive actors on the small screen.

2. Aham Sharma as Rishabh Shrivastava

Aham Sharma

He is basically an engineer by profession .He got popularity with his role in Mahabharta.He was in the list of the 50 Sexiest man in Eastern eye.

3. Rakshanda Khan as Mohini Nalin Shrivastava (Rishabh’s mother)

Rakshanda Khan

A famous face on Indian television Screen. She is a Model, Anchor, an actor by profession and famous for her gray shades role in the serials.

4. Parag Tyagi as Brahmarakshas

Parag Tyagi

He got popularity from the show Pavitra Rishta where he played the role of the brother of the Lead role Archana.

5. Karan Singh Chhabra as Shivam

Karan Singh Chhabra

He is basically from Chandigarh and host famous Indian Celebrity shows. He was also part of the movies like Chalk and Role too. He is currently hosting a Chat show on MTV Channel too. Very popular face among the youth of the nation.

The characters portrayed by all the actors done exceptionally well and they give their one of the best performance in this TV series. Especially, the monster character played Parag Tyagi done a wonderful job to give more thrill and fear to the audience. Important characters By Krystle and Aham did a good job. The creator gives the importance to each and every character. The main antagonist played by Rakshanda Khan was one of the highlights of the show. The acting of this cast crew is one of the main reason for the opening success of this series.

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