Why is Webinar Marketing Important?

Webinars have become an important form of content dissemination. Marketers have come to a long-standing conclusion on the over-arching preference for video content in the market. Take any general demographic of people and they’re much more likely to watch a video explaining something rather than reading an article on the same topic.

This trend is visible in the mainstream too. Viewership of news TV channels has grown to staggering heights, eclipsing print media is a significant way. TV news is much more updated and the presentation is tailored to suit the viewer. Content in newspapers is more tedious to consume, and although circulation continues to grow, it is no match for the pace and relevance TV news has managed to gain.

The same trend is visible in content blogs and videos. Time spent by people on video-platforms such as YouTube and Netflix is staggering. Compared to this time, average time spent by the average users reading content is miniscule.

New platforms like TikTok are also playing an important in this shift. With a terrific AI-based recommendation algorithm, TikTok works because of two key consumer attributes – low attention span and preference to consumer video content. The short video format has propelled TikTok to worldwide fame and caught existing players like Facebook and Twitter sleeping on the wheel.

In this article we explore key reasons why webinar marketing plays an important role in today’s world.

Lead Generation

Webinars are an effective way of fast lead generation. Confused? Lets delve deeper.

Webinars are videos typically viewed by people with a deep interest in the field. One can be sure that the people watching a webinar are convertible and ready to do business with the brand or company conducting the webinar.

In a video, viewers can be converted into becoming solid leads more effectively. The medium is best placed to have a deep influence on someone watching. A big reason people watch video content is to be entertained and influenced. Webinars thus end up playing a key role in lead generation. This is not to say that brands should stop writing SEO-friendly content and only create webinars. A right balance between the two can rapidly transform the speed at which a website manages to generate leads.

Efficient Marketing Tactic

Marketers are always trying to find new ways to bring in greater traffic to their website. What they plan to do with the traffic can vary. Some may want an increase in lead generation, others may want to increase sales made through their website.

Whatever the goal may be, a large volume of traffic is always something a marketer wants to bring to the website he/she is working on.

Webinars are a smart way of increasing traffic. They are heavy on information, open to niche audiences, and appeal to the professional side of a person. Someone who wants to learn an important and complex topic would prefer watching a one hour seminar rather than reading three different books on the subject.

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