Why is Gym Equipment so Expensive in India?

Are you willing to buy the best quality gym equipment at a budget-friendly price?

In India, the price of several gym equipment like a barbell, dumble, bench press has always been high compared to the other countries. The only reason is its growing demand and less availability of the products in the Indian market.

People are shifting to home gyms, buying dumbbells and ropes to work out at home. And thus, the need for keeping oneself fit has automatically increased the prices of gym equipment. The supply of these imported machines has seen a backseat and thus the high price surge for all the gym accessories.

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As people are becoming more health and figure conscious, they are joining gyms, but where the demand is increasing, equipment supply or availability has been a huge problem. Here are some important reasons for the growing price of gym equipment. Let’s have a look!

Increasing need for Gym Equipment

Gym accessories are now very hard to find in this current situation. People are buying their own dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, and the treadmill has become one of the most needed machines in every household. Staying fit and keeping the body active is very important these days as we are more and more of the Western lifestyle. Working out keeps the body and mind fresh and helps you to stay away from anxiety. Thus, everyone tries to do something on their part to keep themselves energetic. Most people do not move out of their houses for a walk or a run, and self working out has become a part of daily lives. So the demand for gym equipment gradually increases here.

Less availability of raw materials in India

On the other hand, there are numerous shows, fitness apps, live sessions, and tutorials on Instagram or Youtube videos teaching home exercises and workout to keep the body fit and your mind relaxed.

One more reason for gym equipment being expensive is most equipment is not made in India and is to be shipped from other countries. And these heavy pieces of machinery cost a hefty amount for transportation as well. There you know where the price goes up. For example, dumbbells are made up of expensive materials, which increases their overall cost. They are either made up of cast iron or stainless steel, which increases the total cost of the items. And the raw material is not available in India. Thus, most of the gym equipment is imported and not made in India, which increases the price, and transportation of such heavy goods takes a good lot of time and money.

Where to find a pocket-friendly Gym Equipment Brand?

A huge rise in the pricing of fitness equipment has been noticed. But Zoopfitness is one of the most pocket-friendly gym equipment brands. It offers you the best machines at the most affordable prices. Availability of the accessories has fallen drastically even if you are ready to pay a good amount; the equipment is not available in the market. People are forced to set up home gyms as maintaining their fitness has become their first priority. So if you are looking for the best trustworthy equipment brand to set up your gym, you can definitely rely on zoopfitness.

Let’s sum up

Fitness freaks who want to stay fit are forced to get their own fitness equipment. Thus the increase in demand gradually increases the price of the products also. Some of the home or commercial gym setups you can get at the very lowest cost, like the pull-up bar, a treadmill, exercise cycle, dumbbells, and ropes from zoopfitness. These are easily available as they are frequently used by people here and also lightweight.

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