Which size chimney is best for the kitchen?

Choosing the chimney size is a bit essential because a chimney is the storehouse of the kitchen. The right size of the duct will let you throw out most fumes and fog outside the kitchen. This article describes some of the rules of thumb. It gets used to finding the chimney size in diameter and height. It continues to be one of the considerations taken by the manufacturers when deciding on the size of the chimney.

Before we take a look at the various masonry and metal vent sizing guidelines, we need to understand that some critical factors affect the permitted vent and Chimney measure. If you want to understand the size of chimney you need in the kitchen, it is essential to understand the factors that create an impact on it. We cover a detail guide about best chimney under 20000 in India here.

The vent height of the chimney

The total vent height from the point of connection of the appliance to the top of the chimney opening.

It involves the size of the chimney.

The connector size of the flue vent

In a vent system and a duct, in which the size of the chimney is more than the flue vent connector connecting the heating appliance, the smaller diameter of the chimney limits the draft. It acts as a restriction with the limited input to the largest chimney and becomes a point of connection of the draft.

The type of fuel

Different rules work on the gas-fired heating appliance venting than wood-fired or oil-fired appliances. In general, the higher operating temperature means differences in the flue gas temperature.

How does temperature affect the height of the chimney?

Colder outdoor temperatures affect the initial draft formed in the exterior Chimneys or the plain draft. While outdoor air has a negative effect on the chimney draft, the cool temperature can produce a tall column of cold air. Its weight cannot be overcome by the heat produced by the gas-fired appliances.

Taller Chimneys or Chimneys with a larger diameter facilitate a greater BTU input. The UMC table includes data for more than 12-inch in height.

It comes with a 50 feet height.

Check the height of the stove and kitchen.

You want to choose a Chimney based on the height of the kitchen and stove. The dimension of the chimney should be more than that of the stove.

It can effectively absorb the Smoke in the kitchen. In general, a chimney comes in two standard heights. You get to choose from 90cm and 60cm chimneys. If the stove comes with two burners, you can go for a 60cm chimney. If the stove comes with two or more burners, you can choose the 90cm chimney.

For instance, Hindware comes with a 75 cm chimney. It is perfect for a stove with two burners.

The kitchen chimney dimension should be the size of the stove or larger than the stove. But, it is not small. While the duct size is smaller than the hob diameter, smoke escapes from the chimney. It likewise spreads in the kitchen.






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