Which Hair Transplant is Best in India?

Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra, India. Pune is also the Maratha peoples’ cultural capital who calls the city “Queen of the Deccan”. The city is also the seasonal capital of the Bombay Presidency and has grown to be a popular tourist destination because of its cool weather, historic landmarks and monuments, and cultural attractions.

Often referred to as the “Oxford and Cambridge of India”, Pune is India’s educational center, with more than fifty percent of foreign students studying within the city.

Aside from being a major educational hub in India, Pune is also famous for offering affordable medical procedures such as hair transplant procedures for residents and foreign visitors.

Most medical tourists will testify that they got the best hair transplant in Pune and return home looking like a new person. So, if you are experiencing hair loss or baldness problems, you can address that problem by getting a hair transplant in India.

What is Hair Transplant?


A hair transplant is a non-invasive medical procedure in which hair is moved from one part of a patient’s body to a head’s bald area. A hair transplant usually involves plastic or a dermatological surgeon, and the patient is under local anesthesia.

Which Hair Transplant is Best in India?

It is a common misconception that men who have receding hairlines are losing hair and are balding. Most men between the age of 20 and 30 assume that they are balding because their hairlines are receding, while in truth, their hairline is just maturing, and the receding hairline is a natural part of aging.

However, if the hair loss is sudden or caused by an injury, that person is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant. However, candidates for hair transplants will need to decide which hair transplant will be best for them.

There are two hair transplant techniques used in India, namely, the FUE and FUT hair transplants. Both techniques are effective and have a high success rate in restoring hair in bald areas.

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT. During a FUT transplant, the surgeon cuts a thin strip of hair-laden skin from the sides or back of the patient’s head to extract individual hair follicles. The hair follicles are then inserted into the bald areas of the scalp.

After harvesting the follicles, the wound that was formed during the removal of the strip is closed. If the surgeon performing the stripping has extensive experience and qualified, the transplant process will only leave a very fine linear scar barely noticeable. FUT transplant has the following advantages:

  • Manageable Recovery Time.The recovery period after a FUT transplant usually lasts from 10 to 12 days. Most patients will recover without feeling any discomfort. Patients who suffer discomfort or swelling at the wound may take prescription pain medication.
  • High Follicle Survival Rate.Because hair follicles are harvested with their protective tissues still intact, the chances that these follicles will survive after transplanting will be higher. Likewise, the protective tissues coming from the stripped skin will create high-quality and robust grafts.
  • Natural Looking Results.Since FUT involves harvesting and transplanting the patient’s hair, the transplant will give patients natural-looking hair.
  • Less Expensive.The total price of a FUT hair transplant will depend on different factors. However, the cost of a FUT transplant will be cheaper than that of an FUE transplant. If you want to get the best hair transplant in Pune, you may pay between Rs. 20 to Rs. 45 per graft.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. In an FUE procedure, the donor scalp area is shaved, and the hair follicles are extracted individually using a 0.8 to 1 mm extraction tool called a micro puncher. The extraction of the individual hair follicles may be performed manually or by using a motorized tool. If an expert surgeon performs the extraction, FUE will not leave any scars. FUE hair transplant has the following advantages:

  • No Linear Scar. Unlike FUT, an FUE procedure will not leave behind a linear scar. However, there may be tiny dot scars that may form from where each follicle was extracted.
  • Wear Any Hair.With FUE, you do not need to keep your hair long to hide any linear scars. You can keep your hair short without worrying about any scars showing through.

Between FUT and FUE, FUE uses a more modern approach to a hair transplant. However, FUE procedures will often take more time since the extraction of individual hair follicles can be physically demanding. Likewise, FUE procedures will cost significantly higher than an equivalent FUT procedure.

However, both procedures are relatively harmless and only need the patient to be under local anesthesia. Patients will have to decide on the best hair transplant in Pune that is right for them.






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