Which Ceiling Fan is Best for Summer in India 2022?

A ceiling fan is an essential home appliance, especially during the oppressive Indian summer when the mercury continues to rise. A good quality ceiling fan makes the temperature of the room comfortable. The ceiling fans sold in the Indian market vary in various aspects such as design, material, power of the motor, brand, performance and price. The abundance of ceiling fans leads to confusion about which ceiling fan is the best for tiding over the hot summer months.

Here are few best-rated ceiling fans in India which will help in deciding which is the best as per your requirements.

Orient Electric Aero-Slim Ceiling Fan 

Orient Electric Aero-Slim is so named because the blades are aerodynamically designed to circulate maximum air. The blades are also noiseless and do not expend much energy in moving air. Rust resistance is another desirable feature of the blades. The BLDC motor makes the ceiling fan efficient and durable.

The ceiling fan is controlled by a remote control which can be used to regulate the speed, change rotation, fan scheduling and many more. It can also be synced with the latest technology, such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Light is attached to the underside of the fan, which can be dimmed or brightened as per desire.

Fanzart Monarch Classical Ceiling Fan 

Fanzart Monarch Classical has 5 handcrafted blades and a pull chain. The blades are bidirectional, which means they can be rotated in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction using a button. The blades can be rotated in the anticlockwise direction during summer to push down the cool air into the room while clockwise rotation during winter blows warm air present near the ceiling downwards which makes the room warm. The remote control is provided for controlling the speed of the fan.

The fan is noiseless with the noise level at just 38 dB. The stylish design of the fan makes it a nice addition to the room.

Gorilla Efficio 1200mm Ceiling Fan 

Gorilla Efficio 1200mm is a very efficient ceiling fan which circulates air to all corners of the room. The brushless DC motor of the fan is efficient, consumes less energy and also minimises heat loss. The smart remote control is provided to run the fan in three modes such as sleep, timer and boost. The remote also controls the speed of the fan.

The ceiling fan runs noiselessly. There are many designs of this fan in the market.

Havells Lumos 1320mm Underlight Premium Ceiling Fan 

Havells Lumos 1320mm has 5 acrylic blades having silver finish which are designed to circulate air to the corners of the room. Metallic motor powers the ceiling fan. The dual lights provide both direct and indirect lighting. A remote controls the operations of the fan.

Westinghouse Celestia II Ceiling Fan 

Westinghouse Celestia II does not require a drop rod as it is installed directly on the ceiling. It is quiet and suitable for all seasons, including summers. A remote control controls the speed, forward/reverse and other operations of the fan. Light is also integrated into the fan.

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