Where Should I put my Treadmill in my House?

The treadmill is the most favourite appliance of many fitness enthusiasts. If you are planning to buy the treadmill, then the biggest concerns of all are to decide where to accommodate it. The location matters the most as it can motivate you to work out more.

Also, some want their treadmills to match their house décor. Therefore, let us see the best places to put your treadmill in your house.


Why is the location important? 

Fitness enthusiasts are very well aware that the location is the main aspect to workout effectively. Therefore, the treadmill should be accommodated in space where you feel comfortable to workout. The right location can offer access, convenience and motivation to workout out.

The best place to accommodate your treadmill 

The garage of the house If there is no place to accommodate the treadmill, then the garage is the best option. Garages are spacious and great to fit a treadmill. Many think that it is not a great idea. But, the truth is they are the most stress-free locations to workout. Many have turned their garage into a mini gym. If this idea works, you can also do the same. You do not have to worry about the ventilation as you can keep fans in the garage.

  1. The bedroom 

Many love to work out in a secluded or closed environment. If you prefer privacy, then the best place to put your treadmill is the house bedroom. Accommodating the treadmill in the bedroom is a great choice as the first thing you see after waking up will be your treadmill. This can provide you with enough motivation to start the day and run in the treadmill. When fitting the treadmill in the bedroom, you can hear music, watch TV and make your workout session fun.

  1. The basement area 

Many think that storing the treadmill in the basement area is not a great idea. However, it doesn’t always mean that unused things should be stored in the basement. You can use the basement for storing usable things such as your treadmill. You can change your basement space into a small gym. Basements are free, and no one will disturb you when working out. You can put on some music and fans to make the space lively.

  1. The house balcony 

If you live in a high apartment, then the best way to put your treadmill is the balcony. The main thing is to ensure safety when working out in the balcony. If that is grilled, then you can surely accommodate the treadmill in that space. By putting the treadmill on the balcony, you can admire nature and feel breezy when working out.

  1. The living room 

If your entire family uses the treadmill, then the common room to store it in the living room. Living rooms are always busy, so you will feel motivated and energetic to work out every day. If you have space in the living room, then you can accommodate it in the place where there is no disturbance. This way you can watch TV or music when working out.


Consider the above places to accommodate your treadmill. You can choose a specific place that is easy for you to workout.






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