What’s the Reason Behind Many People in India don’t Vote in Elections

As the voting had closed on May 12, 2014, on the last general elections in India, it was found that 66.4% of the eligible voters had gone on to vote, according to reports from International Data & Economic Analysis. This number, though it is higher than the previous general election’s turnout of 58%, is still not a good number when you consider the Indian population base. It still brings to light the fact that 33.6% of voters did not fulfill their democratic duties by participating in the election process of one of the largest democracies in the world.

In terms of remedying the situation, it is safe to say that the political campaign management firms like Lead Tech have done a lot to ensure a higher turnout in the elections. They have collected data, attempted to motivate the people, and raise the level of political awareness through their marketing strategies. Though a lot has been done in this direction, there is still a long way to go.

Here is a brief idea of the probable reasons why many people in the country do not vote in the elections.

Vote in Elections

Lack of knowledge about the party or the candidate

One of the major issues that the Indian population faces is the lack of knowledge about the party or the candidate. Illiteracy is still an evil plaguing a section of the Indian population, and thus, they do not keep themselves well-informed about the political affairs of the country. Things like social media and digital media campaigning do not even reach such sections of the population.

So, it is important that the political campaign management firms are thorough in the data they collect for the candidates from all parts of the constituency. The data collected can help a party figure out the ways to ensure participation from every person in a constituency. The more the word spreads about the election and the importance of their turnout, the more chances are there to get a higher number of people to vote.

Feelings of dissatisfaction and disillusionment

There is a large section of the Indian population who simply do not vote as a mark of protest towards the party or candidate. However, this cannot be an excuse given the fact that there is a provision of NOTA (None of The Above) enabled in the Indian elections at present, whereby the voters have the option not to cast their votes in favor of any candidate.

It is crucial to help the voters understand that the best form of protest that they can do is through turning out to vote for the elections. They can cast their votes in favor of the candidate of their choice or not choose any candidate at all, but it is important that they at least get their vote registered at the booth.

Lack of interest in political affairs

Some people are simply not interested or do not care about politics and the reasons behind that can be a lack of information about the matter. People do not have the crucial knowledge about the candidate or the party, and thus, their interest in voting does not arise. In parts of the urban areas, people also have the feeling that since politics does not affect their lives directly, they do not need to take an interest in going to the booth to cast their votes.

In such cases, it is significant to make people understand the importance of each vote in ensuring who wins or loses in an election. The services of the political campaign management firms like Lead Tech come in handy in this regard because they know the ways to raise the interest of the common man and ensure a complete turnout at the polling booth.

Not finding the candidates relatable

It is a known fact that people are only interested in electing a candidate with whom they can relate to and whom they think can do enough for the region. If they fail to find the candidate relatable and reliable, they at times give up the idea of voting altogether.

The work done by the political campaign management firms such as Lead Tech serve as highly significant in this regard. The data collected by the firm will help you organize door-to-door campaigns whereby you will be addressing the concerns of the voters directly. The personalized nature of such campaigns ensures that the candidate can earn the trust of the voters in his constituency.

Ensuring that every voter turns up to vote needs continuous effort from the parties and the political campaign management firms. With dedicated efforts in that direction, definitely, a day will come when we will see more than ninety percent voters turning up at each one of the polling booths in the country.






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