What to look for in a New Sewing Machine?

Sewing machines are very helpful for handling clothing, quilting, and other projects. Having a sewing machine in your home is indeed handy. It is a cost-effective way to get your clothes stitched, altered and add up the accessories that would make it appealing to look. However, the sewing machines are of different types which can make the process of choosing the sewing machine a complex process.

 New sewing machines – what should you look for?

The features in the sewing machine that you should consider while buying a new sewing machine irrespective of whether you are a beginner or have excellent sewing skills. This is because sewing is a skill in which you can progress fairly quickly with practice. The features to look for include

Model and brand– While you can get sewing machines at a cheaper price if you do go in for machines that are manufactured by local dealers. but, you would not have the scope to choose a machine of the model that you are comfortable with. You would have a number of models of sewing machines in case you choose a brand of sewing machines.

The right needle– Ensure that the needle that comes with the sewing machine is sharp. This is important to ensure that the needle does not pull the thread out of the fabric. This can happen when the needle is dull. Similarly, the needle should be thick enough so that it can be used to stitch all types of fabrics. Make sure that the needle does not bend.

Choose the type of machines– Choose the type of machine which could be mechanical, electronic or embroidering sewing machine. While choosing the basic sewing machine is what most beginners do, it is imperative to buy at least an electronic machine with the features you are likely to use as sewing is an art in which you can progress really fast.

Needle position– This is a feature that allows you to move the needle and the stitching line from left to right. Similarly, needle down position would help you to turn the cloth around the corner without a jump stitch.

Needle threader– This is a feature that would help you save time. You would also be able to reduce the strain on the eyes.

Presser Feet- presser feet have a role to play in how tightly the machines hold the fabric for sewing. There are different types of presser feet.  You have to choose a presser foot that does not pucker fine fabrics.

Speed control– The speed of the machine is supposed to be steady in tempo.

Stitches- There are a number of stitches. You would be able to choose the machines that offer the basic stitches that you might want such as the straight stitch, zig-zag, buttonhole, and decorative stitches.

Top- load bobbin– This is a facility that would help you keep changing the bobbin thread to suit the material you are about to stitch easily.

Choose the right machine. But, of course within your budget.






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