What To Do If Your SEO Traffic Plunges

If you are a webmaster, there will inevitably be days where you wake up, check your analytics and immediately notice that something is just not right.

The traffic that you have been enjoying just isn’t there…you should be at “X” number of visits by this point, but traffic is way, way low with respect to where it usually is.

Ahhh, you just experienced the dreaded “SEO Taper”, the point where Google, who had been sending you tons of long-tail traffic, suddenly decided that you content wasn’t so hot after all…and put you in your place…the SERP dungeon.

Don’t Sweat It

It happens to us all, really, we all get hit like this. With over 1000 authors for this blog, many of them accomplished writers, you would expect some consistency, some normalcy, but the truth of the matter is, we all “take it on the chin” occasionally.

So what can be done if one day you wake up and you notice that, well, its going to be “one of those days”, one of the days where you realize that the hordes of traffic you have been getting now needs something fresh to feed on? Well, the answer, it seems, is pretty simple…

The Three Things Required To Build Your Site Back Up

There are three things that you have to build in order to get the SEO love you once had and when you read these, you will realize that they will come as no surprise, but they are what you have been doing already:

  • Keyword Research – Square one. You have to find out where the traffic is. Believe it or not, the Google keyword tracker tool is not going to just spit out what keywords are hot. It takes real digging ang competition research, which is actually not one of my strong points is fundamental to success. As a goal, try to find long tail keywords with at least 1000 exact match searches per month and less than 100,000 competing results. Additionally, try to avoid keywords with exact matches in the title tag all the way down the first page of organic results.
  • Fresh Content Stuffed With Your Keyword And Semantically Related Keywords – Get old school and try to achieve 1-2% density on your keyword. Beyond that write naturally and make your content engaging. This will keep your visitors on the page longer. Obviously, the longer they are there, the better.
  • Build Fresh Links – Building links is absolutely dreadful work, but you have to do it. We all hate doing it, but it is necessary. At least try to build a few each day. Personally, I like content marketing. I used to like blog commenting, but website owners are spooked easily and will apply the “nofollow” attribute at the first sign of trouble whether it is real or not. Content marketing. Get yourself a copy of article marketing robot if you have to. It works well, if you use it correctly. Personally, I recommend that you do NOT spin your articles. This is not for most people.

As much as Google tries to deny the effectiveness of this routine, the fact of the matter is…the web changes to fast for them to get a bead on what’s really going on. This routine will still work and you have to so it to keep your traffic funnel going, otherwise, it just fades away.

Search Will Always Be The Biggest Potential Traffic Source

As much as it pains me to write this, search traffic will always be the biggest potential source of traffic, so we will all have to continually focus on it…and modify our techniques as the algorithm changes.

Try to write about hot, up-to-the-minute subjects that don’t already have a Wikipedia page.

Then, just plug away as before and build that traffic back up.

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