What is the Price of Guitars in India?

 Do you know what percentage of people around the world play guitars? You’ll be shocked to understand the amountThere are over 82,18,43,750 people round the world who play the guitar! Why playing the guitar is such a lot of fun? Guitars are relatively easy to learn, music lovers like to strum their favourite songs and have amusement in gatherings or shows. This article speaks about the various sorts of guitars available in India alongside their price.

 How to choose?

 There are different groups of individuals who buy guitars consistent with their needs. There are acoustic guitars that are ideal for beginners. Electro-acoustic guitars are meant for players who play them in shows or theatrical performances. Guitars can fall too heavily in your pocket. It’s always wiser to carefully consider and analyse your need and specification and obtain the one which suits you the best.


 As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few sorts of guitars that serve different purposes.

 Three main types:

  1. Acoustic Guitars
  2. Electric Guitars
  3. Bass Guitars

Acoustic guitars

  • They are the most familiar and have hollow bodies that amplify the sound naturally.
  • They usually come with 6 strings while some have 12 strings also.
  • They are ideal for beginners and the players who want to fiddle their favourite songs in front of small gatherings.
  • Some acoustics are symmetrical, whereas others have cutaway – this allows easier access to the higher frets.
  • The cost of acoustic guitars ranges between 5000 INR and 12,000 INR.

Acoustic Guitars are not for the players who want to play loud music or heavy music.

There are 2 kinds of acoustic guitars. They are Electro-acoustic guitars and Semi-acoustic guitars. 

Electro-acoustic guitars

  • The electro-acoustic guitars are also called as Acoustic-electric guitars; they are well known for their smooth sound and powerful projection.
  • They are doing an equivalent job like the acoustic guitars but accompany some more benefits. They can be connected to an amplifier, and that produces great sound if it is played in any concerts.
  • They will even be played without the amplifier if not necessary.
  • As there is a requirement to purchase the additional equipment to amplify the sound, there is a slight difference in the cost when compared to acoustic guitars.
  • The price ranges between 8000 INR and 60000INR.

Semi-acoustic guitars: They are compact, and they have thinner sound holes when compared to the acoustic ones. They are manufactured with thicker wood. Hence they produce sweet tones and therefore only lesser volume if it is played without an amplifier. They are ideal for people who like to play versatile music.

  Electric guitars

The electric guitars are costlier in comparison to acoustic guitars however it comes with advantages. Electric guitars tend to possess lighter strings, a smaller body, and thinner necks, whereas acoustic guitars have a heavier body and a thicker neck to support the strain of heavier strings. In terms of sound, the pickups and amplifier of an electric guitar enhance the training process as they project the sound.

The price of the electric guitar’s ranges between 6000 INR and 7000 INR. However, counting on the brand and quality, they should not exceed 25,000 INR in India.

  Bass Guitars

Bass guitars are big and have thick strings, and they produce big and thick sound. They produce deep, low, and earth-shaking sounds. The Bass guitars are ideal for the people who have the idea of working with a drummer.

This can be played as an accompaniment instrument. If the player prefers soft and traditional sound, then the acoustic bass guitar suits the need best.

The price range of this kind varies between 4000INR to 38000INR.

Some professional guitarist’s advice worth noting:

The price of the guitars rises as we go up with the number of strings attached.

Guitars are that are expensive are made with higher quality parts, and they possess better construction. However, the cheap guitars are produced in bulk using lower quality control standards that hamper the playability or the sound.

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