What is included in Training program for SAFe Agile Certification?

The SAFe certification and training have been perfectly recognised across the globe because this is one of the most popular approaches for undertaking large scale projects. It will always help in providing the people with a reliable, consistent and valid method of dealing with things and evaluating the interest, knowledge, mindset and skills in this particular sector. SAFe training and certification will help in providing the people with the proper ability to learn the agile-based principles and practices of the world of SAFe. This certification is a two-day course that will help in understanding the lean-agile mindset which can be perfectly executed with the help of the right kind of training and building of a portfolio.

SAFe will always allow the people to enjoy a higher level of collaboration of the agile teams and the ability to configure this particular framework will enable the organisations to adapt to the latest available business needs very easily. It can be perfectly implemented into small teams as well as into large groups with complex systems so that everything can become much more effective and maximum benefits are easily enjoyed by people. This particular certification course online has been explained as the first step in the world of certification. The course will include the following things:


  1. Introduction to the scaled agile framework
  2. Becoming the lean-agile leader
  3. Creation and training of the high-powered team
  4. Releasing on-demand with the help of development and operations
  5. Building a very good and lean portfolio
  6. Leading the change in the industry without any kind of problem

The very basic minimum requirement of this particular course is the experience of at least five years in the world of business analysis, project management or software development. This particular certification process also has a training course that will last for two days and the training will always love the candidates to understand the procedure as well as framework in terms of preparation for the exam. Some of the basic benefits of attending this particular training session have been explained as:

  1. People will become masters of application of the values and principles of the agile mindset
  2. Everyone will be having the ability to learn the systems of agile-based team
  3. People can understand and recognise the five competencies of the Lean enterprise
  4. People will become the masters of creating a high-performance team with the help of mission and purpose
  5. Everybody will be able to enjoy a good amount of support in the program increment with the successful program execution
  6. People can easily implement the lean portfolio management systems
  7. Everyone will be able to master the concept of transformation with the help of an implementation roadmap

The format of this particular certification will be MCQ and the exam type will be closed book as well as web-based. The duration of the exam will be 90 minutes and people have to score at least 75 per cent to clear this particular exam. Hence, this particular certification process is based upon two days of compulsory training so that people have a clear-cut idea about how to get SAFe agile certification.

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