What is Exhaust Fan? How does it Work?

An exhaust fan is an electronic device used to provide proper ventilation, as it gives the fresh air by removing the polluted air in your home. Air pollution is common due to the increase of the automobiles that release toxic chemicals and harmful gases to the atmosphere. Due to the presence of vaporized chemicals, dust, unpleasant smell, carbon-di-oxide, and other harmful gases over the atmosphere, the air is getting polluted. Even such a polluted air may enter your house too. Thus, to control air pollution in your home, an exhaust fan is used.

exhaust fans

Exhaust Fan – Uses:

Exhaust fans are used in places where there is a higher concentration of water vapor such as kitchens, washrooms, and Laundromats. Other places that require the use of exhaust fan include warehouses and factories. Here the exhaust fan is used to eliminate the hot air from factories and also to eject the toxic fumes from factories.

Three things may cause damage to goods and property such as

  • Mildew
  • Chemical deposition
  • Over-heating

To avoid the above issues, an exhaust fan plays a vital role. In addition to this, an exhaust fan also eliminates indoor air pollution in houses and offices, thereby saving the health of the people. Always choose wisely for the best exhaust fans in india.

How does it work?

An exhaust fan consists of angular blades, electric motor, sensor, and louvers guard. When the fan is powered using any of the sources like an electric motor, solar power, hydraulic motor, or an internal combustion engine, the fan starts rotating to collect the impure air for pushing them out of your home. When it sends the polluted air, it will collect the fresh air available anywhere to enter the house. The amount of air that an exhaust fan takes out of the place is measured in terms of cubic feet per minute.


The sensor present in the exhaust fan signals the fan to start rotating whenever the vapor collects in the room. Most of the models have either 3 or 5 blades. The size and shape of the exhaust fan vary based on the room size and other features.

Louvers guard:

Another component present in an exhaust fan is the louvers guard. This guard protects the fan from external conditions such as rain, dust, birds, etc. not to enter through it.


Some exhaust fan models have capacitors that take care of the amount of electricity entering the electric motor of the fan. When the user selects the higher speed, this component sends more electricity to the motor. So the blades rotate faster now and vice versa for the lower speed.

Exhaust fans doing their vital role in controlling the air pollution inside the houses, factories, and warehouses. Thus, install them in your home to control the polluted air.

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