Voltas’ new range of ACs to grab amazing deals on

According to recent reports, Voltas’s net profit in the Q3 of the FY2021 has increased by 46.2% to Rs.128.4 crores. With this significant growth, the company’s cooling products have experienced remarkable progress and have registered a 40% growth to Rs.840 crore.

The sales volume of Voltas products makes it the segment leader in the Indian AC market, and the reasons behind that are numerous. Starting from the price to quality and after-sales services, Voltas ac brand has managed to curate a hassle-free user experience.

The company has recently updated its range of 1.5-ton Voltas ACs and buyers can now enjoy great deals on them to make their purchase more affordable.


Top 5 new Voltas 1.5-ton ACs to look out for

Here are some popular Voltas AC that buyers can consider investing in this summer –

  1. Voltas Inverter Split AC (SAC 185V ADQ-R32)

Price: Around Rs.63,000

Specifications: One of the most efficient and dynamic products available within Voltas’ new range, it has a 5-star energy rating and a power consumption count of 1430 watts. Moreover, it comes with a cooling capacity of a mighty 5200 watts, making it extremely efficient in cooling a room of up to 150 sq. ft. within minutes.

Apart from this, one of the highlights of this product is its 5-way adjustable cooling facility. It offers a more dynamic experience and paired with its multi-stage filtration, the airflow within a room remains clean.

  1. Voltas Split AC (SAC 183 EZA)

Price: About Rs.34,000

Specifications: This AC has a 972W power consumption capacity and a cooling capacity of 5150W. Hence, this 3-star AC from Voltas is one of the most powerful in its segment, considering its nominal power consumption.

The dust filter in this AC removes harmful particles from the air, which is a considerable advantage in the urban climate.

  1. Voltas Split Inverter AC (183 VCZJ-R 32)

Price: Around Rs.34,000

Specifications: Equipped with inverter technology, this 1.5-ton Voltas AC is an energy-efficient unit and helps buyers to save substantially on electricity bills. This 3-star unit from the brand has a cooling capacity of 5100 watts, and its ambient cooling technology allows it to perform equally in higher temperatures. Additionally, this product can easily deal with voltage fluctuation without the intervention of a stabiliser.

In terms of airflow quality, this AC comes with a multi-stage filtration system and dehumidifier, which help circulate clean air in the room.

  1. Voltas Split AC (183 DZZ-R-32)

Price: About Rs.32,000

Specifications: One of the most dynamic ACs of this 1.5-ton segment, this product from Voltas has a cooling capacity of 5150 watts. The availability of turbo mode helps cool down any room within minutes. The inclusion of a sleep mode also helps to adjust the ACs cooling without manual intervention and saves energy.

One of the highlights of this product is its self-diagnosis feature. Here the AC checks for any malfunctions and resets automatically to continue uninterrupted cooling. Besides, the use of R-32 refrigerant makes it environment friendly.

  1. Voltas Window AC (185 LZH-R32/185 LZH)

Price: Around Rs.28,000

Specifications: With this Voltas window AC, buyers will get the same cooling capacity as that of a split AC. This product offers a cooling capacity of 5000 watts, which is comparatively higher than most split ACs.

These products from Voltas are popular and present a great deal for buyers in terms of value for money. Furthermore, they can visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI store to choose from a wide range of 1.5 ton Voltas ACs, at great prices.

They can further use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to convert their purchases into easy EMIs. With such benefits, purchasing these ACs become more affordable.

Voltas ACs offer a great balance between performance and price. Typically, these products are well-equipped to provide excellent cooling, and the overall cost is considerably lower than the competition. Therefore, irrespective of the models and capacity, Voltas air conditioners always present a great deal.

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