Utilize the Eight Seconds Attention Span While Doing Video Marketing

More people are watching videos on social platforms. From 2013 to 2018, the average rate increased by 32%, and according to Zenith’s Online Video forecast report 2019, an average viewer will spend 100minutes more daily watching video by 2021. The high quality, faster internet connection on mobile, bigger screen size, and better mobile device is facilitating the rapid growth of online videos. Chinese and Swedish people are enthusiastic; on average the expected time spent daily watching online videos is 103 minutes by 2021.Us, UK, India, Canada, Mexico is also expected to join this league very soon.

As per the report published by Zenith, the resource spent on online video will augment to US$61 billion in 2021from current US$45 billion. On the other hand, the budget for television advertisements is expected to contract from US$183 billion to US$180 billion. As consumers spend more time watching online videos, advertisers are putting more endeavors to reach the audience through high quality, high impact brand equity building ads.

More interacting

A creative, engrossing vide is ten times more interactive than a string of static texts. If the video is about promoting a product or just entertainment, if it is enthralling and captivating, viewers love to watch it. If you want to tap this enormous market, social video marketing is a perfect strategy. It is an exciting and engaging way to deliver product information, utility to the audience. You can create an enchanting video with Instagram video editors for different social media platforms.

Innovative way

Online videos have become one of the popular content on the web. If you have not yet set up your Instagram business profile, you miss a leading opportunity to engage with current and potential customers. Here are some facts that show how impactful your video can be on the audience is placed at the right time on the right platform in front of the right viewers.

  • An impressive video can increase conversion rate by 86%.
  • Most (around 92%) of people share videos with others.
  • Brand association can enhance by 139% after a successful promotional video.
  • 90% of the audience admits videos influence their buying decision.

Enhance conversion rate

A high impact, engaging video can increase the conversion rate significantly. An informative, enthralling video persuades potential customers to buy the product to get the maximum value of the money spent. You can advertise the product utility and product information, so a customer feels more personal and confident buying the product.

Brand Awareness

The more you publish videos, the more your brand becomes familiar. The style and theme of the video imprinted with the logo build the brand image and awareness. Celebrity endorsement or a particular character in all of your publications makes your brand more recognized.

Sharing leads to leads

Since 92% of viewers share videos with friends and family members, your published video reaches more people other than the targeted audience. The more the video is shared, the more it gets exposure leading to new leads without spending an extra penny.

Set goals

Before any social media undertaking, you must set the goals clearly and precisely. At first, the stage set a few achievable objectives, so it does not overwhelm you. Some brands use videos for the sole purpose of advertising. The advertising video originates from the company’s website and lap into social media. Other enterprises craft online promotional videos only for social media. This process is useful for direct to consumer brands, where the product depicts the intimate connection between the brand and consumer. In the video, you can emphasize the product value and its unique feature, making it stand from others.

There are five stages in the marketing channel, and your video can fit into each stage. Craft your video content wisely, so you achieve these stages one by one. These are the steps in the marketing channel-

  • Brand awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Promotion

Choose the correct video type

There are many types of videos and templates in videocreek.com. Choose the right template, which perfectly blends with the content to give optimal impact and viewership. Here are a few significant types of videos with their benefits.

Educational: These videos are generally informative and crafted to create brand awareness among potential customers. These formats are more formal with etiquette tone, trying to establish the brand as an expert. If drafted for current customers, it focuses on guidelines and tips to get the best product.

Behind the scenes: These are more informal that gives a glimpse of the company’s operation and employees. The audience comes to know about the manufacturing process and what is happening behind the curtain.

Interviews: These are a great format to introduce a new influencer to the audience or the other way around. Some quirky, candid comments from the guest can make the session fascinating and exciting.

Entertaining: Formats circle around jokes, memes and even pranks. The sole purpose is to entertain the audience underlying the brand personality, with a sense of oneness with the audience.

Testimonials: These videos look like a satisfied customer is promoting and vouching for the brand. It is social proof of the product’s utility, functionality, and value. Words of mouth are taken seriously by potential customers and influence their decision-making about buying the product or service.

Grab the attention of the audience

Creating social media marketing videos are meant to attract the attention of the audience instantly. Within eight seconds, you have to grab the audience’s attention, as humans have an eight-second attention span. The attention span of humans has shortened to eight seconds from twelve seconds in 2000.

As people are constantly bombarded with emails, tweets, messages, and posts, the human brain gets hooked to these stimuli. The human brain is seeking new information and does not want to stay focused for long. As an online marketer, the biggest challenge is to engage with the customer penetrating through these noises meaningfully. It would be best if you had a smart strategy to utilize most of this eight-second attention span. Visual storytelling and images hold the attention of the viewer before it fades away to another.






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