TPM Program: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works for All

TPM Program is a lean manufacturing tool that helps in improving the reliability and efficiency of equipment and machines with the contribution of all the employee in an organization.

Total productive maintenance is not a tool, it’s a philosophy that struggles to mix equipment maintenance into the manufacturing process. In many cases the maintenance of equipment is seen as a totally different aspect of manufacturing process, however this is not the case when it comes to TPM Program. It not only focuses on maintenance to prevent machines from breaking down, but it’s a team approach that works for all to improve the running efficiency along with production quality. Basically, it keeps a check and minimises major sudden losses such as;

  • Sudden breakdowns (optimising maintenance),
  • Product defects (assuring quality)
  • Accidents due to negligence and lack of knowledge (high standards of safety)

TPM Program can be successfully implemented in all the companies to complement Lean Management approach. It is successful even in a small or medium sized company. It’s an easy method but it takes lot of effort in implementing and to get the promising results you must be patient as it will not solve the problems immediately, but it will definitely direct the entire organization to a number of positive changes at different strategic levels. It’s an essence for a company planning to run a long race along with the following developments;

  • Strengthening their position in market
  • Making the process safer
  • Self– development
  • Providing an effective and friendly working environment to employee along with maximising productivity and efficiency.

When an organization grows it leads to high level of automation and then maintenance became an area of concern. At this situation, company route its routine maintenance of equipment to the operators instead of maintenance group.In starting, operators can be reluctant to accept this sudden change and responsibility, but with time and the value it will add to their work they will accept the change with open arms. It’s an incredibly easy method that works for all and with a joint effort of all. It teaches every employee to take care of the basic functions of their machines which lower down the burden of maintenance team, making them focus only on more productive works.

It is a cost-effective method, but more than that the reason for opting TPM Program is not cost but the fact that, the operators are always in contact with their equipment’s and always has the better knowledge and understanding of their machines. They know how the equipment works daily and can easily notice if there are any issue in the production quality and when they are trained in TPM they can easily keep a routine check and if some basic maintenance is required they are able to do that on time without seeking any outside support which will result in saving major breakouts that can be a caused if the operators are negligent and don’t have the basic knowledge of the machine. So again, it will help maintenance group in focusing on more complex problems than wasting their time on trivial issues that can be easily solved with daily care.

TPM Program is the need of hour, but instead of implementing it mechanically, an organization must focus on managerial resources first to create an atmosphere where thinking, experimenting and learning efforts of all the employee are appreciated and encouraged. For a successful TPM Program the acceptance of employee is a mandate and it can take some time to accept these changes. That’s why it demands patience and time for a TPM Program to get accepted and effective.

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