Top Ten Best Online Shopping Sites in India 2016 – Most Popular

Anyone want to shop?

Shopping – both as a business and as an activity – is slowly changing facets and continues to evolve each day. While the roots of online shopping began in the United States and in Europe, the habit is now taking root in Asia – especially in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and is now slowly taking India by storm.

This article will present to you 10 of India’s most popular online shopping websites and why they are popular. Many of these are surely familiar to you already. Can you pick your favorite?

10., as the name implies, is actually India’s largest online store catering primarily to kids. They sell over 70,000 items and over 400 top brands in India as well as in the international scene. Its customers, mostly moms and doting parents, love this online shopping website for its sheer variety of choice for whatever it is that their kids need. They are simply as spoiled as their children whenever using this site for shopping.


This website is famous for the sheer magnitude of huge discounts that they give their customers. Their online deals offer discounts across many prized items, most particularly cameras, computer accessories, mobile, gift items, jewelry, toys, cosmetics, designer clothes, books, and designer bags. Women, especially, bookmark this great online shopping site.


Infibeam is a shopper’s paradise. Why? Because this is a site where a shopper can find things that are usually not available anywhere else. Hard to find books and rare electronic items are available on this site for purchase at very competitive prices. Still building up steam, it will take less than a year or two perhaps before this online shopping website climbs up the ranks in customer satisfaction and popularity.

7. Homeshop18

Another popular website among online shoppers, it boasts of very competitive shopping prices that are liked by thrifty shoppers. Though delivery may take a little more than the usual, online shoppers still love the website because the most affordable and remotest items are still found on this website. Those who are looking for express deliveries usually shop elsewhere.


This website is very popular especially for career women. Mainly used for grocery shopping, working moms and housewives no longer have to go to supermarkets or malls to do their groceries – they just simply need to go online. All grocery items imaginable are found on the website – from junk food to beverages to powder and baby products. It even has an organic items section.


Shopping is by and large a woman’s habit, and this website clearly understands this. Always visited by rabid female online shoppers, this website has a huge collection of clothes and accessories online. Women can freely choose from many categories and many brands available – from traditional to local to western, local, and ethnic.


This is certainly an American brand. However, it has earned a huge online customer market in India. It boasts of a large number of clothes and other accessories featuring all brands and supporting all kinds of lifestyles. Another shopping paradise for women, it has already thus far earned a huge following and clientele in contemporary India.


Exclusively made and launched in India, the local masses prefer this website for its rather cheap rates across its items on sale. Loved and favored because of the price, it is also worthy to mention that price takes precedence over quality when buying items from this online shopping website. Locals love it and you surely will to.


The local counterpart of website giant Amazon is hugely popular across the board in India. Its products are still pretty western in orientation, Because of this, those who prefer to buy products that still have a local touch go to its main competitor – which happens to be number 1 in our list.



This is number one hands down. All Indian online shoppers are dependent on for their shopping needs. It has already become a lifestyle.

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