Top Ten Best Motorcycle Companies in India

Indian roads are very supportive for bikes and hence they also have the highest number of bike consumers in the country. There are various bike manufacturing companies in the country. A Lot of college students and office going people, prefer bikes and even the middle class families prefer bikes, and not just that the family who have cars also buy a bike for easy travelling around the city. There are various types of bikes and the young crowd love the fancy and sport bikes that are available in the market. Bikes sometimes for them is nothing more than a style statement, and they prefer buying bikes which look hot and sexy and when they are on the road, people turn and look at their bike. There are various Motorcycle brands in India.

Here is a list of Top Ten Motorcycle Brands in India

10. Kawasaki

It manufactures sport bikes, and the famous Ninja Series is the famous Kawasaki bikes in the country. The bikes are manufactured in Japan, Philippines, USA, Thailand and Indoneisa. They were initially manufacturing engines for cars in 1962, and ended up making bikes with some amazing style and features.


9. KTM

It is a very famous brand of bikes in India, and is also one of the top ten motorcycle brands. The KTM Duke bikes are very famous and they are very stylish and one bike costs around one lakh rupees. They look smart, and have great features.


8. Suzuki

Suzuki motorcycles is Japanese Company and is one of the best motorcycle brands in the country and its manufacturing plant is located in Gurgaon. The Suzuki Hayabusa has its own rage and is very famous amongst the youth. It is one of their best bikes and their other bikes are also very famous.


7. Mahindra

Mahindra bikes are one of the most famous motorcycle bikes in the country. Their recent product Mahindra Gusto is a becoming very famous among the youth. Mahindra Centuro, Mojo are also one of their famous products.


6. Royal Enfield

It is one of the best motorcycle brand in India, and it is also the strongest of all the bikes. The Royal Enfield bikes were initially used in the army because of its body and strength. Today It has become very famous among the youth and a lot of young men prefer this bike over the others.


5. Honda

It is a famous Motorcycle brand in India and thy manufacture quality products. their bikes are very famous and very durable. There product Honda Activa was a rage among the people and became really famous. The famous Honda bikes are Honda shine, Honda CBR, Honda Navi, CD 110 and many other famous bikes.


4. TVS

This is very common and one of the most famous motorcycle brands in India. The bikes are affordable and they offer quality products to the customers. The famous TVS bikes includes TVS Apache, TVS star city plus, TVS Sport and many more.


3. Yamaha

It is a leading Motorcycle manufacturing company, which is very famous across the world. They manufacture a lot of sport bikes, which are hunky, stylish and are mostly preferred by the youth. The famous Yamaha bikes are Yamaha R1, R2, VMAX, FZ1 and many more amazing bikes.


2. Bajaj

This is the second best motorcycle brand in the country that manufactures amazing and affordable bikes. They give great mileage and customer satisfaction. The Bajaj bikes were very famous and are very durable. Bajaj’s recent product the invincible is manufactured from the parts of the INS Vikrant and it is their best product till date.


1. Hero Motocorp

Hero Motocorp

It is the best Motorcycle manufacturing company in India and Hero Bikes are very famous and they offer a wide range of bikes according to the needs of people. Their products include Karizma, Xtreme, Hunk, Impluse and many more stylish and amazing bikes.








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