Top Ten Diamond Companies in India 2016

Diamonds are girls’ best friends, and they love flaunting it no matter what. From Marilyn Moore to SushmitaSen, they all have worn big diamonds on their fingers and they surely love it no matter what. There are many companies in the countries, the so-called diamondaries, who manufactures and make this stone precious and full of worth. The diamond business in India is more than Rs.70, 000Cr. It is the hardest of all the metals, but the most precious one. There are many diamond companies in the country and there are few who master the art.

Here is a list of Top Ten Diamond Companies in India

10. Tara Jwellers

This is one of the top ten diamond companies in the country, and they specialize in diamonds cutting and manufacturing. They make sure to satisfy their customers by providing them the best designs.

 9. Tribhovandas

This Company was founded in the year 1864 and since then they have been into the jewelry making business. They also specialize in manufacturing diamonds and they are famous across the country.

8.  Rajesh Exports

This is one of the top ten Diamond manufacturing companies that manufactures diamond and gold. They export a lot of diamond to other countries and their latest export was of Rs. 1122 Crore.

7.  PC Jewelers

This is one of the top ten diamond companies in the country that specializes in making diamond products. They have some extra ordinary designs, which are very delicate and elegant. They have around 58 showrooms across the country.

6.  Rosy Blue

It is the largest Diamond Company in the world and it has a turnover of Rs. 4,000 Crore. In the year 1973, Dilip Mehta took it over and today Russell Mehta handles it. It operates in two countries one in India and the other one is the entire world. It is undoubtedly one of the best Diamond Companies.

Diamond company

5. Laxmi Diamond

The Company was started in 1986 and today it is India’s one of the best diamond mining company and the Managing Director of this company is Ashok Gajera. The company has a turnover of Rs. 2,000 Crore and they are the major suppliers of the Polished diamonds in Europe and the US. They make sure to make their customers satisfied. They have sir Gabi Tolkowsky, as a creative training consultant, who is one of the most famous diamond cutters in the country.

4. Asian Star Company

This Company was started in the year 1971 and their Joint managing director and CFO is Dharmesh Shah. It was started in Surat and today this company is India’s biggest Diamond Company in the country. Dharmesh Shah has taken the company to great heights with his capabilities.

3. Gitanjali Group

The Company was founded in the year 1975, and MehulChoski in the year 1985 took it over from his father. Today Gitanjali is one of the best available diamond brands in the country. They have a turnover of Rs. 13,000 Cr. And they have brand ambassadors like KareenaKapoor, AishwaryaRaiBachchan, Katrina Kaif, DiaMirza and many more.

2. Kiran Gems

This ranks second in our list of top ten Diamond Companies in India. It was started in the year 1985, in Mumbai and the company was set up by Vallabhbhai S Patel, later it was took over by MavijBhai Patel, who took it to greater heights and the total turnover of this company was Rs. 7,700cr. They have around 30,000 workers and they manage around five million carats of rough Diamonds each year.

1. Firestar by NiravModi

It is the best Diamond Company in the country and NiravModi is the man of diamonds. They have their business spread across the world and has a total turnover of Rs. 5,000 Cr. and it is one of the most famous brands in the country. He got his diamond education from his uncle MehulChoski and today he has established his own brilliant business. They specializes in sourcing the rarest diamonds from across the world.

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