Top Ten Best Sunglasses Brands in India 2016

Wearing a sunglass initially was just a style statement, but today people have become more knowledgeable and they know the importance of wearing a sunglass and they do not buy sunglasses only for the style quotient. Though there are few who buy it only for the style statement but others like to invest in a good pair of sunglasses, which will protect their eyes from the harsh sun rays and keep their eyes safe. There are various brands in the market, which has some amazing stuff, but not all the brands are worth buying and investing on. There are few brands that are just amazing, and give the quality product along with the desired things that one looks in the glasses. They are stylish, comes in a huge variety and different shapes and sizes that will suit the different face cuts. The aviators are the best style, that is loved by all and it never goes out of fashion no matter what. These aviator glasses are loved by everyone and it never goes out of fashion. They come in various colors as well. Apart from that nowadays the sunglasses have become a trend setter and having an amazing pair of sunglasses has become a must. There are various brands that have some amazing sunglasses. Here is a list of top ten Sunglasses Brands available in India.


10. Vogue

They are stylish and comes in various shapes and sizes that will suit your face cut. They have several options and they also have polarized glasses, which will protect your eyes from the sun rays. They are stylish makes a style statement.

9. Aldo

These sunglasses are usually for the style statement. They have various beautiful designs that will suit your face cut and they are very affordable as well. They do not break easily and gives the desired protection to the eyes. If you want something stylish and funky, then Aldo is the brand for you.

8. Joe Black

It is one of the brands preferred by a lot of youth, and it is very affordable and comes in optical frames, which enhances the look. They have Polaroid lenses that avoid the glare and it comes in wide range of styles and colors.

7. Gucci

It is a status symbol and the frames are wide and amazing. It comes in various colors and patterns to match according to your clothes and style. It is a little expensive, and hence not preferred by the common man.

6. Polaroid

These glasses are affordable, protect the eyes from the sun rays, and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and you can easily purchase them from the online stores.

5. Prada

It is a designer brand and are quiet expensive. It is also a status symbol and the frames are just amazing. It comes in various styles and colors and are very elegant which you can wear at any time and it will look gorgeous no matter what. It is a little expensive, and hence not preferred by the common man.


It is less expensive, and is very stylish and are very light in weight. These glasses are available online from where you can easily purchase them.

3. Oakley

They are a status symbol and come in HD that protects the eyes from the harsh rays. They also have impact absorber frames and lenses.

2. Fastrack

One of the most loved brand by Indians. It is affordable and comes in wide variety. They have Polaroid lenses and UV protection glasses.

1. Ray Ban

This is one of the best Sunglass brand and it is very popular amongst all age groups. They use bold colors and are strong, flexible, the frames are light. This is one of the best sunglass brands and a lot of film stars have been seen flaunting this particular brand.

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