Top Ten Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2016

Refrigerators has become an essential necessity in our daily lives and it is one of the most needed things in the kitchen as it helps in storing the food and other edible items and protects it from getting spoilt by keeping it safe for a longer duration. There are various brands of Fridges available in the market and these brands are good and one can totally depend on them. To make your shopping easy, we have listed below the top brands so that you can choose any one of the brand and buy the kind of refrigerator you want.

Here is a list of Top Ten Trusted Refrigerator Brands in India


10. Haier

This brand is comparatively new to the business and it came into the market in the year 2004. They have some high end products and have a lot of features in their refrigerators. They have some interesting and advanced models such as bottom mounted, top mounted, side by side, and frost free and direct cool.

9. Sharp

This is a Japanese Multinational Company and they have made some excellent home appliances and their refrigerators are one such thing. They have some amazing features like hybrid cooling, LED lighting and plasma cluster and LCD display as well.

8. Electrolux

This is one of the oldest brands that has been into the business of manufacturing Home appliances. It is also one of the most trusted brands of refrigerator available in the country. They have some amazing features, are very stylish and are affordable as well.

7. Hitachi

This brand has some amazing Electrical appliances and has been in the market since ages. It is made of good quality, and are very affordable. They have some amazing features like eco thermal, frost-free, nano titanium filter, dual fan cooling system. They come in various models and are available in the market.

6. Panasonic

This is one of the most common and most trustworthy brands when one wants to buy an electrical product. Panasonic has a lot of home appliances available in the market. The Refrigerators of this brand are of high quality and they have a lot of great features such as AG Clean, Inverter technology, Econavi and deodizer are some of the common features.

5. Godrej

It was founded in the year 1897 and it is among the oldest brand, which makes it very reliable and trustworthy. They have some excellent products that you can buy. The main features of their refrigerators are Eco Friendly, Anti B-technology, aroma lock and SIF Technology.

4. Videocon

With some latest technology and features, Videocon has made it big in the Indian market. They have some amazing products, which are durable and are made of good quality, and are affordable. They have some amazing features like frost-free, direct cooling system, side by side and many more such amazing features.

3. LG

This brand ranks third in the list of the top ten refrigerator brands. LG has some amazing range of refrigerators available in the market. The come in various styles such as side by side door, double door and single door with some amazing features.

2. Whirlpool

It is an international brand and it has made its name in the country and is today one of the leading brands. They have some amazing features like sixth sense cooling system, deodizer, and it keeps the food fresh and healthy.

1. Samsung

With some extra ordinary features like digital display, cool pack system, inverter compressor and many more such features this Korean brand has made it to the top of the list. This is the best Refrigerator Brand available in India and it is also one of the most preferred brands.







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