Top Ten Best Mixer Grinders Brands in India

Ever thought how it would be if there were no mixer grinders, the ladies will be sitting in the kitchen the entire day, trying to grind the vegetables as fine as possible using the old techniques and saturating themselves and loosing out on energies. Thank God to the invention of Mixer Grinders. Mixer grinders has no doubt made the task easy and all those who enjoy cooking will know what difference it has made today as compared to the older days. There are a lot of brands available in the market, from which you can select the best brands that fits your needs.

There are different sets as well in the mixer grinders and they work wonders. With so many brands of Mixer grinders available in the market, it gets really difficult to select the ones you want, hence to sort out your problem, we have listed below the top ten best mixer grinders brands that our available in India.

10. Philips

It is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to Mixer Grinders or any other electric product. They have various options such as auto cutoff, proper and stable working engine, and an awesome cutting edge. This brand is one of the most famous brands of Mixer Grinders.

9. Bajaj

This brand is preferred by a lot of Indians, and it has various options when it comes to buying a mixer grinder such as Bajaj Tornado, Bajaj Helix, Bajaj Hurricane, which are some fantastic models and they solve the purpose and also these grinders are very durable.

8. Prestige

One of the most common Brand names, which is known by everyone. They have a lot of kitchen appliances and the mixer grinders of this brand are worth buying. They come with warranty, are durable and have various models.

7.  Preethi

They have some amazing quality of grinders that are available in the market. The most unique and the one of the best feature of this particular brand is that they have a total cent percent speed, and are stainless, and they do not make noise while grinding.

6. Kenstar

This particular brand is affordable and is easily available across the country. They have various models like Fabio, Stallion, Thin, Senator and so forth that are accessible to the cooks.

Mixer Grinders

5. Crompton Greaves

Famous for its juice Mixer, this brand is one of the best brands of mixer grinders available in the country. They have a great whipping quality, and are shock resistant as well.

4. Panasonic

It is one of the most common brands of mixer grinders and their best product is the juice grinder, which comes in various shapes and types according to your need. The normal mixer grinder of this brand is also amazing and is preferred by a lot of people.

3. Havells

Apart from making lights, Havells makes some amazing home appliances as well. Their mixer grinder for that matter is one of the best product and it is one of the best brand. They have various models from which you can select the ones you like according to the need.

2. Morphy Richards

This is one of the best brand and the products of this particular brand is worth trusting. It has a lot of loyal customers and their mixer grinders are famous not only in India but across the world in many other countries as well.

1. Usha

This is the best Mixer Grinder Brand, which has been used by a lot of people and is still used by millions. They are strong, have a powerful motor, have stainless jars and a lot of other high technologies.






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