Top Ten Best LED Television Brands in India 2016

Television, which was founded in the year 1926, was then known as the telivisor. Today is commonly known as the idiot box. John Baird who was Scottish invented it and he was the man behind its creation who made the very first TV out of an old tea chest and after that there had been a lot of inventions and other added features in the television. Today there is not just one single box kept in our television room or hall, but an all together different and unique looking piece of TV, which is slim has minimalistic width but with different and variable breadth. These Televisions has changed the entire viewing process, by making the visuals much better and crystal clear as the name suggests. There are thousands of models available in the market of various brands, but there are few brands that have been successful and are mostly preferred by a lot of people.

Here is a list of Top Ten LED Television Brands in India:

10. Onida

This brand was launched in the year 1981 and it is an Indian Brand, which has made its name in the television market and is also preferred by a lot of people. They have various options such as Excite, cristal, superb, rockstarz, intelli smart are few of the its series.

9. Philips

It is Dutch Brand and it laid its foundation in India in the year 1930. It is among the most trusted brand of Television and it also one of the most reputed. Their LCD TV’s are among the best and they have some amazing features like natural motion, pixel precise, full HD, 20 W sound, Direct digital broadcast and USB port.

8. Videocon

It was founded in the year 1979 and they have been making TV’s and other electronic goods since then. Their television sets are one of the best, and have some great features like HD, HDMI-CEC, USB, 17 million display colors and many more.

7. Panasonic

It is Japanese Company and they have been making TV and other electronic goods from a long time. Their TV’s have some fantastic features like Life-Screen, swipe and share, narrow bazel, Super Brighr IPS LED, voice guidance, double USB and remote sharing.

6. Micromax

This was founded in the year 2000 and since then it is one of the best brands and they have LCD TV’s with some amazing features like zero dots LED panel, ultra low consumption, HD quality, SRS audio and many more features.

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5. AOC

It is an International Brand which stepped India in the year 2005, and since then it has been offering a lot of amazing television sets. The Company makes brilliant TV’s with some brilliant features like full HD, Real color engine, Eco display, surround sound and many more other features.

4. Toshiba

This is a Japanese Brand that came into the Indian market in the year 2001. This is one of the best brands and is preferred by a lot of people. Their main features are Ultra HD 4K, Cricket TV, Bollywood series and they have also launched LED series.

3. Sony

It is also a Japanese Company that has made its name in the Indian Market and it is one of the most trusted and preferred brand. It was founded in the year 1946 and since then Sony has been giving the world some amazing electronic products. They have launched some amazing series such as Triluminous W800B, X series, W700B and W600B.

2. LG

It is a South Korean based company, and it has been one of the dominant companies in the market. They have manufactured some best TV sets and their key features are HD LED LCD TV, HD smart LED LCD TV, Transform LED LCD and also full HD cinema and 3D LED LCD sets.

1. Samsung

It is also a South Korean based Company and it was founded in the year 1935 and it came to India in the year 1995. These TV sets are affordable and offers a wide range with some amazing features like filtering noise, high resolution, light protection, humidity protection, surge protection, USB port and many more features.






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