Top Ten Best Green Tea Brands in India 2016

Green Tea is one such product that has been in use in the countries like China and Japan since time immemorial. The Green tea is clear water that has a flavour of tea. A lot of people do not really like the taste of it, it is probable because they did not brew it properly or they did not purchase a proper flavour in the proper brand. There are a lot of brands available in the market, but not all of them are good and they will taste bitter. What exactly does green tea does to your body? Green Tea is a typically used nowadays for health benefits as it helps in cutting down the excessive fat and also keeps the metabolism of your body intact. If you use tea bags then brew your tea for 2-4 minutes and if you are using the tea leaves then make sure to brew it for 4-5 minutes then only you will get the exact flavour and taste. Green Tea comes in various flavours nowadays and the flavours are good and tasteful. You can always pick the kind of flavour you like and drink it. Having 3-4 cups of green tea in a day is very useful and it also fights a lot of problems like weight loss, cancer, diabetes, bad cholesterol, boost memory, gives energy and many other things.

Here is a list of Top Ten Green Tea Brands in India:

Green Tea

10. Jay Green Tea

This is one of the best Tea brands available in the county, and it has various flavours, is rich in anti-oxidants and also has many benefits like it help in weight reduction, fights bad cholesterol and many other things. It costs Rupees 150.

9. Tea Garden Oolong Tea

This brand is a little on the expensive side, but it has a rich aroma and taste. It has many health benefits like, it boost the metabolism, helps in burning fat, and maintains the cholesterol and many other benefits. It costs Rs. 480.

8. GAIA Green Tea

This is also one of the best tea brands available in the country and it has various health benefits. Though its normal green tea isn’t that great but if you like the lemon flavour, then this is the tea for you. It is affordable and it costs Rs. 125.

7. Chamong premium Darjeeling Green Tea

This Tea brand has many benefits and the tea leaves used in this particular brand are very fresh and have nice aroma, which will refresh you. It costs Rs. 150.

6. Twinings Green Tea

It is one of the best green tea brands and it is rich in its aroma and gives a distinct flavour. It also comes in various flavours and it costs Rs. 100.

5. Yogi Pure Green Tea

This is a little expensive brand but it is one of the most loved brands of green tea in India, Shri Lanka and China. It comes in various types like Yogi Throat comfort, Yogi Ginger and lemon, and yogi green energy. It costs ranges from Rs. 284 to 315.

4. Tulsi Green Tea

It is one of the best brands of Green Tea available in the country and the tea is rich in anti oxidants and has many health benefits. It costs Rs. 200.

3. Taj Mahal Green Tea

It comes in various flavours and is rich in aroma and flavour. The Tea costs Rs. 80.

2. Tetley

This is another brand and is one of the most preferred brands of green tea available in the country. They come in various flavours and is rich in its taste and flavour. It costs Rs. 390.

1. Lipton

This is the best Green Tea Brand available in the country and they have some amazing flavours and they use only natural ingredients. It costs Rs. 100.






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