Top Ten Best & Famous Watch Brands in India 2016

Watches are timeless, and were initially used to just see the time. But today, watches have become more of a style statement than anything else. There are thousands of designs and styles available from which you can choose the one you like. There are various brands in the market, which offers you the best designs and styles. There are watches for every age group and also the prize ranges from the styles of watches you like. From analogical to chronological, from thin straps to wide straps, from big dial to small dial, there are watches of all kinds. But there are very few brands that give you the best watch ad which you can easily flaunt whenever you want and they are simply amazing. They fit all the occasions and they also look lovely and graceful. These watches are style statements and if you wear nothing on your wrist and just wear a watch it looks amazing. They are show stealer and goes with every outfit. It also comes in various colors and patterns. You have to choose the one you like and select the best brands.

Here is a list of top ten best brands for watches:

10. Casio

It is one of the brands that is extremely durable and is loved by a lot of people. These watches are affordable and come in various designs and patterns. They are water resistant and also last long.

9. Timex

It is one of the brands, that has been making watches since ages and they make watches, which are durable, water resistant and also has a longer life span. They have various designs and colors and you can select the one you like.

8. Sonata

This is co-brand of Titan and is a Tata Product. They have watches for every occasion and it is one of the most loved brands of watches in the Country. People love these watches as they fit every occasion and look graceful.

7. Fastrack

Another product by Titan, fastrack is the brand, which is mostly preferred by the youth as these watches are funky colourful and sporty. Fastrack has also set a trend amongst the youth as they are stylish and looks amazing when worn. It is totally a youth brand and is also one of the fastest growing brands in the country.

6. Maxima

They have watches for every occasion and the watches are just amazing and affordable. They also have couple watches and watches for men and women and stylish watches as well, which are just funky and are preferred by most of the youth.


5. Titan

One of the most common and the most preferred brand in watches. It comes in various designs, prize range and patterns. A lot of people prefer wearing a Titan watch as it is graceful, looks rich and it fits well in every occasion no matter what.

4. Citizen

The brand is extremely famous for its wall watches, but they also have some amazing wrist watches that are nice. They have various styles and patters and you can easily select the ones you like. The price differs from pattern to pattern.

3. Swatch

A little on the expensive side, but swatch watches are just graceful. They have watches for every occasion and they look just amazing. It is preferred by a lot of people because of its style and pattern and also the quality.

2. Omega

This brand is costly, but it gives you quality watches. They are also for the style statement as they have some extremely amazing watches that fits every occasion and looks graceful no matter what.

1. Rolex

Everyone knows what Rolex is. It is the watch that not everyone can afford, but those who have it knows it value. They make brilliant watches that are just amazing and if you wear them you have that confidence and you even love to flaunt it no matter what.






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