Top Ten Best Detergent Brands in India 2016

Washing powder Nirma, washing powder Nirma… this jingle is the childhood jingle for everyone and whenever we see a commercial we always hum this tune along with the commercial. Yes, today we are talking about the best detergents that are available in the market. With so many of them coming every day there are few brands that cannot be replaced no matter what. These brands are all Indian Brands that is used for washing clothes and giving it the needed ‘safedi’. They do not spoil your clothes and also remove the stains, which are apparently ‘acche’. The stains can be removed easily using any of these products and are mostly testes by stain experts, who claim that the products are best and can be used to wash your clothes, without feeling worried about it. We go to work, and we all need to wear some amazing stainless clothes every day no matter how much ever we spoil it throughout the day, but when we wear it for the next time, we need them to be shiny. So to make it shiny, one has to use some detergent and with the wide range of detergents available nowadays, here is a list of top ten best detergents to solve your problem.


10. Henko

It is one of the brands in the top ten list, as it clean your clothes perfectly and does not destroy the color. And the added benefit is that while washing the clothes your hands are not spoilt and they remain smooth and beautiful just like your clothes.

9. Fena

It was launched in the year 1976, and is one of the oldest brand and is also one of the most used brands in the country. It is very affordable and has a great market.

8. Ghari

With HemaMalini featuring in its ad, this is one of the brands that is widely used in the country, for cleaning clothes. It does not spoil the color, does not allow them to fade and maintain the quality as well.

7. Sunlight

this is the oldest brands in detergents and was established in the year 1888. It was initially launched as cake, but then later on they made it in a powder form, which was much easy to use.

6. Rin

This was launched in the year 1969, and since then it has been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to detergents. They have maintained the quality and rather have improved it from time and again. It is indeed one of the top ten brands in India.

5. Tide

It is an international brand, which is sold across the globe and is preferred by a lot of people. It was established in 18880’s and since then they have been in the industry and are preferred by a lot of people.

4. Airel

It is one of the costliest detergent brands in India, but has good quality, which makes sure to clean your clothes in a very small amount. Just one spoon of powder in your bucket full of cloths is more than enough to clean them.

3. Wheel

It was launched in the year 1987 by Hindustan Unilever Limited and it is one of the most preferred brand and a lot of people prefer to buy this product because of its quality as it does the needful and cleans the clothes properly without spoiling them.

2. Surf Excel

This is also a product from Hindustan Unilever ltd. And it removes the toughest stains on your clothes no matter what, and it actually does. A little amount of powder works wonders on the clothes.

1. Nirma

It was established in the year 1969, and since then has been used by a lot of people and is also the preferred brand. It is the best detergent brand in India and is also the most trusted brand.

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