Top Ten Best Cosmetic Brands in India 2016

Nowadays Cosmetics have become an essential part of the day to day living and every girl has something or the other make up related things. Everyone wants to look glamorous and if not glamorous but at-least beautiful enough so that they can flaunt themselves outside. The girls these days does not step out of the house without applying kajal and mascara, a lip gloss or a lipstick, and they are always looking for something or the other new inventions and products that they can use in their daily basis without harming their skins. There are a lot of cosmetic brands available in the market, that are worth buying and they also have a lot of options that you can choose from. You can always the best products of the particular brands and make your own cosmetic set. There is never a hard and fast rule of buying all the products from one particular brand. Buying cosmetics is just like a hit and trial method. You will understand it only if you apply it once on yourself. With so many brands available in the market it gets difficult to select the best products. To make it easier for you, we have listed below the top best cosmetic brands, from which you can select the ones you like the best. Here is a list of Top Ten Cosmetic Brands in India.


10. Elle 18

This is one such brand that focuses on the youth and you will find various colors and shades of nail colors, lip glosses in this particular brand. It is affordable and there lip glosses are a must try.

9. Himalaya

They have a wide range of products and all of their products are ayurvedic. Their anti-aging and acne creams and face washes are the best products. Even their Kohl is very nice and is chemical free. A lot of people prefer this brand for its natural and chemical free properties.

8. Colorbar

This brand is one of the best brands when it comes to buying cosmetics. Their foundations and lip colors are one of the best and they have a wide range of colors and foundations and other products that will suit any kind of skin. And also they have water resistant products, which last for long.

7. Inglot

This brand is a little expensive, but they have some amazing products on which you would like to spend some money. They have a wide range of nail colors and lip colors, which are just beautiful and amazing. They also have a wide range of eyelashes that you can use on any occasion.

6. Revlon

This is one of the oldest brands, and is also one of the most preferred brands by a lot of people. Revlon has a wide range of products and all the products are good and they have something or the other for all skin types.

5. Chambor

They have a wide range of products and their best products are their eye liners and eye shadows that come in various colors and shades.

4. L’Oreal

This brand not only expertise in the hair products but they also have a wide range of cosmetics. There lipsticks, eye pencils and face creams are one of their best products.

3. M.A.C

This brand is a little on the expensive side, but it is worth spending on their products. They have a huge range of eye colors, eye shadows, lipsticks, which are worth buying. A lot of girls swear by their products.

2. Maybelline

This brand nowadays has become one of the most preferred brands by a lot of girls and women, and their eye Kohls, Mascara and the wide range of Lip colors are just amazing and worth buying.

1. Lakme

This is the best Cosmetic Brand available in India, and all of their products are just amazing and worth buying. They have a wide range of foundations, blushes, eye colors, lip colors that will suit all skin types.






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