Top 10 Best Biscuit Brands in India – Most Famous

“Dip nahi Kiya… toh Chai Kya Piya?” remember this line from the TV Commercials? This is one of the things that every Indian does in their day to day life. Biscuits are healthy snacking that one prefers while having a cup of coffee or tea. It is also one of the preferred choices to kill hunger when someone is feeling hungry and there is no other option to hog on to, then biscuits become the life saviour. There are many brands of biscuits available in the country and they come in various types, like cream biscuits, salty, sweet, sugary, cookies, nutty and many more types. They have a great market in India and not just India for that matter, but in the entire world.

People who are travelling, or going to work, prefer to keep a small packet of biscuit in their bag, which they can take out any time and munch on it when they are hungry. It comes in various packaging and you get extremely small packs of biscuits as well, which are very easy to carry in your bags.

With so many new-new brands coming in the market, here is a list of the top ten biscuit brands in the country.


10. McVities

It is a British company and they make healthy biscuits and Digestives, whole wheat Marie biscuits and oat cookies. It has become one of the preferred choices for many people who want to eat healthy and fat free biscuits.

9. Dukes

They have a wide range of biscuits and have various options that can be eaten at any occasions from simple biscuits to cookies to cream biscuits, Duke has it all.

8. Patanjali

The brand is owned by Baba Ramdev and the biscuits are made of healthy ingredients and they have a wide range of biscuits such as Marie, Nutty delight, orange delight, Aarogya and many more.

7. Priyagold

“Hakk se mango” Priyagold biscuit. This is one of the most selling biscuits in the country and has a wide range of biscuits available in the market. They are affordable and are good in taste.

6. Cremica

It is one of the top selling brands and this brand has also won the CII Award, they have a huge variety of biscuits, but the top selling ones are Digestive, butter cracker, MagiCream, and Diet Marie.

5. Unibic

It is comparatively a new brand of biscuits and it is an Australian Product. They have a huge variety of biscuits such as choco chips, butter cookies, ginger nut cookies, Choco nut cookies and many more, but these mentioned are the best selling products of unibic.

4. Anmol

It was launched in the year1994, and in a short span of time, it has made a hug market in the country. They have high quality product at minimum cost and therefore they have taken the market by a toll and this brand is preferred by many.

3. Sunfeast

One of the best selling biscuit brands in the country, Sunfeast ranks number three. They have various products and come in a huge variety of biscuits. With high quality and less prize this brand is one of the most preferred brands.

2. Parle-G

This is the second best brand of biscuit, which comes in various types. It is one of the biscuit brands that is loved by everyone. They have maintained the taste and the quality of the product since time immemorial.

1. Britannia

Undoubtedly the number one biscuit brand in the country. They give the best quality of biscuits and it is loved by everyone. They are healthy and can be eaten at any time. It also comes in a wide variety and there butter cookies are extremely famous.






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