Top Strategies to Increase Followers on Instagram

Having a massive following on Instagram is a dream for most users and brands. But we at GetInsta are well-known to turn your dreams into reality.

No doubt, Instagram has a much higher engagement rate in comparison to other social media platforms and that’s why users, as well as brands, look for various tactics to enhance their reach over this highly engaging platform. But due to the lack of knowledge about the Instagram algorithm, they failed in achieving desired outcomes.

To gain quick followers on Instagram, users also try shortcuts like purchasing followers and using bots but believe that these tricks are not going to be beneficial for your continuous growth on the platform. That’s why to have an impressive engagement on Instagram with more followers and continuous growth; you need to gain real followers using proper Instagram algorithms and strategies.

Through this blog, we are going to answer several questions asked by viewers like; how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes, how to get more followers, and more? We also discuss top strategies using which you can increase your engagement as well as followers on Instagram.

  • Create Proper Instagram Marketing Strategy

Before using any social media platform, you must have a clear plan to grow on that platform. No doubt, gaining more followers on Instagram is the major goal of most users and brands, but followers alone are not going to make your Instagram approach successful.

Before executing any step, think about the reasons why you need Instagram followers? This will help you in identifying the perfect approach to grow your Instagram followers. For any further details about perfect Instagram marketing strategy, you can contact GetInsta where you will receive the best solution for your Instagram reach.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags

Whenever we talk about the effective way to grow on Instagram, hashtags are the best solution. The texts you use in your Instagram posts are unsearchable but hashtags used by you on the posts are searchable and allow your posts to receive more traffic. That means using hashtags is the best way to gain Instagram followers free in less time.

Including relevant hashtags will go to help others in easily finding your content and if others are following those hashtags which you used in your post then even the person is not following you will find your post in his feed. In a post, you can add a maximum of 30 hashtags, but note a point, the effectiveness of the hashtags is based on quality instead of quantity.

  • Optimize Your Instagram Profile and Bio

In our data, it was found that 2/3rd of Instagram profile visits are from non-followers. No doubt, they can be your new Instagram followers, but only because of your unclear, incomplete, and unappealing Instagram profile, they don’t click the follow button.

Together with an engaging username and profile image, you also need to add an engaging user bio to attract others. You can use 150 characters to write an engaging bio and give visitors a reason to follow you. If you are using a professional account, then you can also add contact information, location, and type of business which help you in enhancing engagement on your profile.

  • Promote your Account on Other Platforms

The best way to increase followers on your Instagram account is to make it easy for others to find your account. If you already have a massive following on other social media platforms then you can use that following to increase your followers on Instagram also.

You can share a link of your Instagram account on other social networks and give your existing followers a reason to easily discover your Instagram profile, and follow you. You can also highlight some of your best posts on Instagram to other social networks to increase free Instagram likes.

Wrap Up

No doubt, Instagram has a massive engagement rate in comparison to other social networks and that’s why users, as well as businesses, want to take benefits from the higher engagement rate to enhance their reach among the masses. Being a result-driven Instagram auto liker without login website, we help you in receiving better engagement and following on Instagram.






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