Top Reasons Why Time and Tide Wait For None

Time plays an essential role in our life, it helps us to organise everything. No one is so powerful that he can stop the march of time.Although, tide cannot be controlled by manual powers but time can be controlled by taking maximum benefit of it. Ample of Top reasons are there to believe that Time and tide wait for none. Everyone wants that other person to obey his orders; everyone can be controlled by two things time and tide.

Healing power of Time

Life gives many wounds and pains, but all are victim in front of aging and mortality. Experience and skilled life can be achieved with the passing of time. Time passes and also heals external wounds and feelings of everyone. Everyone needs time for understanding the prevailing circumstances or people also. Time has no beginning and end can’t be found. Time can’t be controlled in words or measurements. It passes away.

why-time-and-tide-wait-for-noneTide can’t be controlled by natural measures.  One needs time to work, to rest, even time needed to fulfil the chores of living.

Value of Time

One gets 24 hours a day and one can’t adjust others time by offering his time. So, it’s essential to make best productive use of available twenty-four hours without getting indulging of expectation, without prolonging or postponing it for others.

The course of time passes and this can be eliminated by pulling the piles or work load on right time and right mode. Endurance and Assurance can be achieved by punctuality. Punctuality is the term of grabbing the needles of clock and avoiding inconvenience as well as tensions.

Time must be created as a precious commodity and has great importance of life.  Life is not life as it passes with one go. Seconds are stitched together to get opportunity. Life can be spending as it has no tomorrow.

Capture Time Stock

Allotted time must be used sufficiently and efficiently. Whenever thinking comes that Life has nothing then one must remind Tide is like a life which cannot be controlled.  Tide has its own time to come in the sea and life has its own time of ending. Being alive and living life happily is totally different. If one accumulates wealth, then it must be used in bringing happiness in life of family members or for the welfare of the under- privileged persons. It is believed that, Time is here and now, so better to believe Shakespeare saying, “I wasted time now doth time waste me”.

Eternal Value of Time

The entire creation revolves around time. Birth, growth and death, this is the vicious cycle which rotates and increases value. Tressgive flowers and after fruits. When it gives flower, its present but in future, trees will give fruits for everyone. This can be done by the passing of time. One child cannot become youth. This is time only which one needs to spend but everything has its own value. Value must be given to time.

Use Time fruitfully

Time is the wisest counsellor and it allows an individual to grow. When time passes experience increase, and experience develops decision power. The wisest person believes in using utmost time or using fruitfully. It is said that if one is wise then person will not grieve at the loss of money but he grieves at the loss of time.

Never be a weeping pillow, it has no use of mourning or even complaining. Planning in the activities brings feeling of happening in life of anyone. Be a part of nature and stop complaining against time.


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