Top Reasons Why Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure is well saying, it is usually said in reference to health. Ample of reasons are present in proving the proverb.Benjamin Franklin quote this saying while writing a short essay on how to prevent house from fires. I can support my saying by the top reasons of prevention is better than cure. Several problems and diseases are preventable, if measures taken during right time.During regular check-up, asking do about current health and both personal and family history. One need to examine carefully, signs of illness. Some prevention is necessary like doctor visits; try to best to stay healthy. Lifestyle tips help heart and body healthy, which will be the best prevention.

Prevention from Diseases

Why Prevention is Better than Cure

One needs to stay away from smoking because every second smoke increases the risk of diseases. Eating balanced diet is necessary, if unsure about the quantity then, better to follow diet chart developed by dieticians. Better to take precaution in eating favourite food from the platter.Keeping oneself active becomes the best prevention. Deciding to do 30 minutes exercises can prevent an individual from heart attacks, blood pressure problems etc. Even moderate physical exercise causes remarkable increase in the depth rate of breathing which causes anyone comfortable talk.

It’s better to prevent than cure. After using various prevention measures and strategies including regular hand washing prevents one from cold and flu etc. Preserving food and storing at the right place can prevent it from food poisoning.

Prevention from Negative Impact

Reaching on time at office is the prevention from negative impact in the working area. Taking precaution before suffering can stops mental and physical illness of an individual. Why to become amateurs who sit and wait for the right time to come, it’s the best option to get up and take the precaution

Doing proper exercises like aerobics and zumba etc. can make the muscles flexible which can help muscular body move smoothly. Laughing Sessions are helping senior citizens and preventing them from moving towards depression as well as loneliness of the old age.

Local churches and temples are providing treatment in the form of free of cost camps for the under-privileged for improving their health. Provision of even free vaccinations is in the scenario for preventing diseases like hepatitis and polio.

Prevention from Dullness

Some fitness exercises are essential for improving flexibility, range of motion and crossing the physical limitations of old age. Medical professionals are needed to be concerned before doing physical exercise in old; this is a better prevention than cure.

The prevention of certain cancers, diabetes and cardio- vascular, cholesterol levels all are maintained by regular running. The preventive measure of running burns calories and fat quickly when it is added with proper physical exercises.  By running, one can avoid bone weakness even breakages also.  Some particular exercises helps in keeping the brain sharp and smart, it is often said that an active mind exists in an active body. By vigorous and continuous exercises, both the physical and mental problems can be prevented. The activity in the physical body generates the Red blood cells which increases immunity in a human being.

Prevention from Stress

Prevention from stress is essential and running makes stressed out as well as happier than who is not. It circulates the oxygen in the veins and respiratory system of the mind system which broadens the thoughts and develops new skills. It is better to take prevention than cure because extreme careless can causes lack of opportunity of curing or taking measures to get rid of any problem.

Believing in prevention than cure makes one more aware of everything than wait for the worst to happen.







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