Top Reasons For God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

When sitting alone by the sea side, a man was feeling helpless and hopeless from his life; an idea of suicide came in his mind. He went towards the sea for killing himself, but a person saved him and said “God help those who help themselves”. Never run from misfortunes but kick that misfortune so that it will become afraid after hearing your name.

Origination of Phrase

It has tremendous effect on anyone’s personality, if person has keen faith on himself and on his work. The faith that God helps those who help themselves can change anyone’s life.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

It is known from the Literature that the phrase has comes in its origin from Ancient Greece, it was known from Aesop’s fables also. Another contribution in the development of this phrase is of Benjamin Franklin. He also used tremendously.

Value of God and Work

Coming back to the phrase, if people understand its meaning and true sense, then they will surely positively change the scenario of world economy and help others also in facing life challenges.  There is useless if one is sitting, not doing anything, waiting for the result of his devotion.

It will come as a fatalistic approach and in future it will change in lethargic mentality. God never said that sit without doing anything, don’t worry I am there for you always. In various devotional literatures, it is mentioned clearly, do your best, and leave rest up to him.

It is highly hypothetical approach that God will solve all problems and will give clear path to move further because God will give back only what you give to others. One can give others by doing efforts and labour in his own field. God will surely solve the problem, if one does something.

Our body as well as life gets rusted if one spend too much without any work, goal and even without purpose. So, as hard work is the way to greatness and success, it is also the way to get the support of God.

Support of God

It is very difficult for someone to say that God is not there with us because sometimes something happens that makes us believe that, there is a power that is guarding all of us. The Lords of Lord and Power of Powers, it is also famous in Arab that “Trust in God but Tie your Camel”, means if one is not cautious and aware of his own actions then no one can save him.  If one will not give value of what has then, no wonder he will lose what he has in his hands.

He who works with his own hands will have abundant food, but who pursue the imagination will also lack judgement. Intelligent heads takes the decision and one who does laziness becomes slave of his fortune.

Dependency on Anyone

If one is facing a disaster, thinking and waiting that  God will surely him, without doing anything for rescuing himself, then no doubt that person will die because humans are born to do different efforts but fruits will be in hands of Lords. There are many people who always do his work without expecting any results. The best thing is to do what can be done but not to expect whether positive or negative.  God always blesses those who realize his value and the value of his own efforts, on the other hand, if one he is doing efforts for his immediate family, denying faith on Lord, it will also not acceptable because without his blessing nothing can be done. Both plays equally in Life.






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