Top Credit Cards in India that Offer Great Rewards

The reward credit cards provide several reward and redemption options. The reward point is a gift for the cardholder that gives them the best credit card experience. The user can earn bulk rewards by using the card for payments such as shopping, holidays, travel, and dining. Also, users can redeem the reward points in several forms. Now, let us see a list of top rewards credit cards in India.

YES Prosperity reward plus card

This card offers excellent reward points for categories such as international travel, dining, and shopping. This card is suitable for users who want to avail of premium credit card privileges. Further, the reward points can be accelerated on birthday purchases and international transactions. There are also many insurance covers available for the accidental death of cardholders. Fuel surcharge waiver is obtainable for transactions above rupees 500 that is applicable anywhere in India.

HSBC Smart Value Card

Cardholders can avail 10% cashback with every transaction with the HSBC reward credit card. There are also enhanced benefits available such as the BookMyTicket, ClearTrip, and 3X accelerated rewards points. Introductory offers such as 200 worth vouchers and free gaana subscriptions are also available. Moreover, some of the main rewards offered by the bank are 3X Rewards points for online, telecom, and dining payments. The card users are eligible to get an attractive interest of 10.99% on EMI purchases.

HDFC freedom credit card

Receive spectacular reward points and gift vouchers from the HDFC freedom card. For the yearly spend of Rs 90000, the users can avail gift vouchers amounting to Rs 10000. Rupees 50 lakh insurance cover is available for the accidental death of the cardholder. The bank also offers a 500 rupees bonus as a welcome gift. Further, accelerated points are available for transactions made on PayZapp and SmartBuy.

Standard Chartered Platinum Card

The standard bank offers reward credit card that come with various discounts and offers. Some of the main rewards available are dining, travel, and shopping payments. Further, the user can avail 5X reward points for lifestyle purchases. Also, there is a contactless facility available for secure and fast payments. The bank provides good life program deals for the cardholders. The bank allows the conversion of 5 lakh rupees into EMI with a zero percent processing fee.

ICICI Coral American Express Card

Avail reward packages along with free airport lounge access and free movie tickets by using the ICICI coral credit card. Every month the user gets two free movie tickets as a complimentary reward. Also, there are 2X reward points available for online purchases. There various redemption options such as movie tickets, lifestyle products, travel vouchers, mobile, electronics, and appliances. For the yearly spend of rupees 2 lakh, a 2000 payback voucher is available, and for 1 lakh rupees, the payback point is 1000. Moreover, for all the small payments, 100 Rs 2 or 4 payback points are available. 


There are several benefits of using reward credit cards in India, such as accelerated bonus rewards on every payment and special offers. The above-mentioned credit cards have different reward point programs. Therefore, choose a card that provides your great rewards.





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