Top 7 Tips To Make Killer Brand Videos

Videos have become one of the key aspects of every marketing strategy. The biggest of the brands use well-executed marketing videos as one of their marketing tools. A video is way more powerful to create the desired impact on the audience. It even has better chances of retention for a longer period as compared to other means of marketing communication. So using brand-videos to communicate about the products and services has become the norm for every brand in the market.

Let’s try to understand how to make high impact brand videos


The objective of the video

It would be best if you always decided the goals of your video before getting into production. The purpose of making your video should always be clear first. You need to know what exactly you are trying to achieve and communicate with your targeted audience through the video.

It would be best if you decided whether you want to share the details of the products that you are offering or you want to spread awareness about your brand before you get into the stage of video production. According to your objectives, you should decide the script, screenplay of your brand video.

You can present the video with an intro maker in various ways, like an educational video describing the products and services your company provides or it could be completely dedicated to marketing one particular product or service that you are offering.

Who is the audience

Your way of video making will depend a lot on the type of audience you are trying to target through your videos. Every person is not the same at the end of the day. Everyone has distinctive choices, taste, and perspectives of seeing things. So you need to decide whom you are trying to target through your videos.

Attempt to step into the shoes of your audience and try to understand what they expect from their purchases. Understanding the preferences, requirements, and demands of your targeted audience will help you make the brand videos more successfully.

The subject of your brand video will depend on the objectives you are trying to achieve and the type of audience you are trying to target. If your audience does not have any clue about the products and services you are offering, your brand video should be more informative, and its purpose should be communicating about the offerings.

Besides, if your targeted audiences are the current consumers of your products, the nature of your video should be completely different. Always figure out the demographic details, income, and other essential things about your targeted audience before making the videos.

Brand assets

Now, as you are aware of your objectives and the type of audiences you are trying to target through your video, it is time to decide how you’ll put your brand assets in the video. After all the whole reason for making your video is to communicate about the products and services you are offering to your targeted audience.

So it is essential to make sure that the products and assets of your brands are uniforms in the video. If your asset does not place uniformly in the video, it will fail to achieve the aesthetic goals of your branding video and may turn down your targeted audience.

Use your brand voice

The brand videos are nothing but an extension of your brand’s identity. So always try to use the same messaging and voice that you used in your other marketing tools for branding. In the long run, using the same voice and messages for branding evolves as a unique identification for your brand.

Your audience easily connects the familiar voice directly with your brand. Always make sure the voicing artist is expressing things just the way you wanted. Don’t add anything that you won’t tell your customers directly in your videos.

If you are planning to use captions in your brand videos, make sure it is free from any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Always try to maintain the theme and subject of your video with your captions as well.

Brand colours

Like every other brand, your brands also have colour schemes that correlate with your brand instantly. For example, the colour blue is identical to the brand of Facebook, and they always incorporate it into your branding endeavours.

So try to use your brand colours in your videos so that your audiences can instantly relate to your brand. Set the colour tone and background of your branding video similar to your brand’s colour. It will help to resonate with your brand’s image along with the message you are trying to share through your video. You can even use a primary youtube intro maker and create an engaging introduction for your video.

Editing style

You should edit your videos in a manner that can instantly relate your viewers with your brand. Incorporate a particular style of editing in all your branding videos, and eventually, people will start associating your brand with such a form of editing. Using similar types of effects on scene transitions, visual effects, and animations on every video will help your audiences to recognize your brand instantly.

Adding your logo

Instead of putting your brand logo just during the beginning or end of the video, placing it as a watermark throughout the video will help your logo to be visible every time. Use a reliable intro maker from the internet like Invideo and put your company’s logo in a strategically prominent position at the beginning of the video and place it as a watermark in the remaining part.

Moreover, the introduction is an important part of your branding video, so accurately sketch it out so it can help you to evoke the desired response from your audience.


Using all the seven tips while making a brand video will not only help you to create an attractive video, but it will help you and your brand to achieve the desired results as well. Properly plan out your objectives before starting the process and pay attention to every small detail.







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