Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pune

The existence of the supernatural powers has always been under debate in India. Few people believe that the spirits roam freely and stay at some places. Some logical people deny the facts. However, the fact remains that a place is declared haunted on the basis of frequent spooky and eerie incidents. One of the fastest growing cities in India, Pune is not different than others. The city has enriched the history and haunted places which can test your courage and bravery. Here are such 5 most haunted places in Pune.

5. Haunted House on MG Road

Haunted House on MG Road

The old and broken house on MG Road is famous for paranormal activities. The house is very closely located to Water House and known for eerie voices. Locals say that strange voices come out of the house especially at the night. It has been observed that evil laugh and sudden unexplained things to happen in this house. This haunted house is left unattended for years due to the creepy reputation it has.

4. The Victory Theatre

The Victory Theatre

This is one of the scariest places in Pune. The theater which draws a good amount of spectators is said to be haunted by dark spirits. The bang sound of throwing chairs here and there and evil laugh can be heard here. Many people have said that sometimes silence is broken by evil sound and that can shake anyone in the theater. Due to the spooky atmosphere of the theater people have slowly stopped visiting it.

3. The Choice Hostel

The Choice Hostel

This is one of the best Boys Hostel in Pune at Kurva Road. But it is unfortunately associated with haunted experiences. The hostel is said to be haunted by a woman who still moves around the hostel. Many have said that they saw the woman in Red Saree with open hair. Paranormal activists like sounds and things moving by their own are common to the hostel. The ankle tones and other strange voices come out of the hostel at night. Many have left the hostel out of fear and few continue to stay there.

2. Haunted House at Residency Club

Haunted House at Residency Club

Haunted House at the Residency Club is famous for an evil laugh and strange voices. The house was once inhabited by an old woman and it is believed her spirit still resides there. The loud laugh and scream many have heard. Nobody really enters the property and it is believed that she keeps an eye on the trespassers.

1. Shaniwar Wada Fort

Shaniwar Wada Fort

This is the most popular and haunted place in Pune. The fort is an architectural excellence and known for the beauty. However, the truth behind the walls can shake anyone. It is believed that the spirit of Narayan Rao Peshwa, a 13 year young prince still roams around the fort. He was brutally murdered and since then he cries for help. Many have heard the voices and it is not allowed to enter the fort after 6.30 PM.

These places are few horrific places where one can really get scared. However, if you want to check out the paranormal activities then there is no better place in Pune.

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