Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Chennai

Chennai is one of the most developed, oldest and metro cities of India. The city which is always busy and full of lights has another side too. There are many places in Chennai which are eventually haunted and many call them as under the evil control. People who have not experienced such paranormal activities may laugh at it, but those who have experienced can explain their fear at these places. Here are the 5 most haunted places in Chennai.

5. Blue Cross Road

Blue Cross Road

The busy road is often called as the suicide point of Chennai. It is one of the most haunted places as explained by the locals. People say that as the Sun sets the Blue Cross Road goes under evil control. Many people have seen evil spirits and have heard strange and paranormal sounds. This is often called as the Suicide Paradise of Chennai.

4. Besant Avenue Road

Besant Avenue Road

You will have no idea to call this place a haunted in broad daylight. It is one of the liveliest and bustling places in Chennai. However, the situation changes as its get dark. The place is haunted by the spirits died in accidents and continues roam after the sunset. Locals do not generally pass by this place after the evening. If you visit the place after the dusk then you may encounter strange things that are unbelievable and unexplained.

3. Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge

The broken bridge on Adyar River is another haunted place that is very famous in Chennai. This is a very popular place and film shoots are very common here. People often visit here with friends and families. It is also a popular picnic spot in Chennai. However, as the Sun dims the spirits take control. It is one of the most haunted places in the city and known for the paranormal activities. Many people have seen ghosts and heard strange evil sounds at this place.

2. De Monte Colony

De Monte Colony

It is one of the famous colonies in Chennai. It was made by John De Monte for the residential purpose. However, with the time it has become a haunted place in Chennai with lots of strange and unexplained activities. The colony has no lights and people say spirits never allow lights here. It has become a deserted colony in the city. The De Monte Colony is now known for many vacant bungalows. The old style colony still haunts people after the dusk.

1. Karikattukuppam


This is a scenic beauty at the ECR road. Nobody would have thought that the place would be haunted sometime. But everything changed after the deadly Tsunami in Chennai. Many people died and since then the place has been haunted. Many people have seen and heard spirits and no one really visit the place. Many have claimed to see ghosts in the area.

These places are among haunted places that can make you believe on the paranormal activities. People living in Chennai often come across strange incidents in these places.

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