Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Bangalore

The Information Technology Capital of India is known for the scary ghosts and paranormal activities too. The bustling city of Bangalore which is known for crawling traffic and sky kissing buildings also has horrifying stories. The dark side of the city often does not come in the eyes of the people. However, as the sun sets and the dusk begin the scenario of the city changes. If you are in Bangalore then know the 5 most haunted places of the city.

5. The Victoria Hospital

The Victoria Hospital

The old hospital has its own story to tell. The hospital where many of the patients have died is known for paranormal activities. However, there is one part of the story that is more of hilarious than scary. The more than 100 years old hospital is said to be haunted by a woman in a white dress who is often referred as a hungry ghost. The food items in the hospital campus get mysteriously vanished. The woman has also been spotted many times by the people.

4. Kalpalli Cemetery (St John Cemetery)

Kalpalli Cemetery

Situated at the Old Madras Road in East Bangalore, the cemetery is known for spirits and strange activities. The cemetery which is also known as St John Cemetery often comes under the scanner of people for supernatural activities. Many people claim that spirits come out of the coffins here. Many have seen them as well. The paranormal activities after the dusk are really horrifying in this cemetery due to paranormal activities.

3. Sewage Plant

Sewage Plant

The Sewage Plant at the Wind Tunnel Road is known for the paranormal activities. People often come across spirits and ghosts in here. The strange evil sounds also draw attention in one of the haunted places in Bangalore.

2. Bangalore International Airport

Bangalore International Airport

It is not only a haunted place in Bangalore but also popular in the country. The International Airport of Bangalore is haunted by many spirits and many have encountered such activities. Pilots often say that they see women in a white dress on the runways. Even support staffs have spotted the woman who mysteriously disappears when somebody approaches.

1. Terra Vera

Terra Vera

This is one of the most haunted places in the country. An old royal mansion located at the St Marks Road is famous for spirits. The original Mansion was built by an Anglo Indian around 1943. He then gave this mansion to his daughters Dolce and Vera Vaz. Dolce was a Piano Trainer and she used to stay here with her sister. One day Dolce was stabbed in front of her sister and she was buried at the mansion. Ever since the building is haunted by her and she does not allow anyone to stay or come at the building. One vintage car and many precious belongings are present at the building, but nobody dares to enter the Terra Verra or Vaz House.

Bangalore is known for IT sectors, but these places would definitely give you another angle to see the city.

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