Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Scooty in India

If  you too are finding it difficult to search a powerful scooty that has got the best mileage in town, then you should go through this article. You will get to know about the 5 best scooties that have great fuel efficiency in the below article. As fuel efficient vehicles have a great future and are the most demanded once, thus we have mentioned top 5 best scooties with great fuel efficiency.

#1 Hero pleasure

Hero Motocorp Pleasure

Hero Pleasure really a beautiful and powerful scooty with 102 cc Displacement Engine. Despite of the fact that it has got a powerful engine, it’s capable of providing a mileage of up to 66 kmpl; which you can say the best mileage by a scooty in India. Hero pleasure has got stunningly beautiful looks and powerful telescopic front, which adds an extra comfort to your every ride. It’s a wonderful creation by Hero Motocorp in India.

Cost: 43k approx.

#2 TVS Scooty Pep Plus

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

Scooty pep Plus by TVS is a fuel efficient yet powerful scooty intended for girls and working women in India. With a comparatively lower Displacement of 87.8 cc. its engine offers really great and fuel efficient ride. TVS Scooty Pep Plus comes with automated gear box and is capable of providing a powerful mileage of 65 kmpl. But the best part about this scooty is that it is the most lightweight scooty with a petrol engine.

Cost: 42k approx.

#3 Mahindra Gusto 110

Mahindra Gusto 110

Mahindra Gusto 110 is a newly launched scooty with great fuel efficiency that has been accompanied by engine Displacement of 109.6 cc. with a fuel tank capacity of something around 6 liters, you can reach go as long as 63 kms on a mere 1 litre of fuel in its tank. That means you are going to have a powerful scooty with 109.6cc engine displacement that has a great mileage as well.

Cost: 43k approx.

#4 Suzuki Lets 110

Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki lets 110 has a lot to offer with this great fuel efficient scooty; as it offers you a nice and handsome mileage of 63 kmpl that gives it an edge over the all other scooties in the fuel efficiency segment. It has got such a design which will make you a fan with its stunning looks and power. If you are looking for a really nice scooty with top notch specifications, a great fuel efficiency and don’t want to spend more than 50 k as well, then this is the strongest recommendation from us.

Cost: 48k approx.

#5 Yamaha Cygnus Alpha

Yamaha Cygnus Alpha

As we all know that Yamaha is well known for its powerful sports bikes with great looks, but it has launched some cool scooties as well with great capability and fuel efficiency. Yamaha Cygnus Alpha is capable of offering you a mileage of 62 kmpl. Sygnus Alpha by TVS has got a super-efficient engine of 113cc.

Cost: 48k approx.


Scooties are most popularly known as the girlish things, as they are truly lightweight and are comparatively easier to drive because of the automated gear box that they have got. The scooties that you are seeing in the above mentioned article are the best fuel efficient scooties that you can buy in India.






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    That I’m a 54Yrs. madventurous guy with a never ending urge of going all over by-road on my
    LML 150Vespa NV, post-2006 Oct., post-Open Heart Surgery @ AIIMS, N.Delhi, having already cruised and, made trips 2 & fro singly 5-times to N.Delhi from Asansol (WB) @ 28Hrs. non-stop (except for re-fuelling, as & when scooter ran to reserve fuel), one-way 1350Kms distance one-way!!!…
    To Patna in 2009, once, 2 & fro 393Kms. one-way, non-stop (except for re-fueling, as & when scooter ran to reserve fuel), from Asansol (WB) @ 6.5Hrs one-way!!!
    Last time in 2014 July, had been to & fro Chennai, singly 1850Kms one-way, non-stop (except for re-fuelling, as & when scooter ran to reserve fuel), from Asansol @ 42Hrs. one-way!!!…
    Hence for now am interested to own a kinetic honda 150cc electric starter scooter with rotory (wankel) 2-stroke engine, as this m/c. is very very smooth in operation and comfortable too. I do not remember the model, but it’s of during post-1985, from Kinetic honda 150cc. XE or so. Kindly help…

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    Excelent review ….

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