Top 5 Best Window AC Under 25,000 Rs. In India 2015

Air conditioners have become a necessity of the age because of the increasing temperature and humidity in the atmosphere in the developing countries like India. Now almost ever modern house owns an AC whether it’s a Window AC or a Split one. An ideal Air Condition is the one that maintain suitable humidity, maintain a constant supply of ventilation and lowers the temperature of your house and provides the cooling effect.

But in the modern age, to afford a good quality is AC is not an easy task for a common man. So here is the list of top 5 best Window AC in India that has an outstanding price range of below 25 k.

5. Panasonic CW/UC1215YA

A Japanese multinational corporation is proud to offer the affordable Window ACs with the range of 15000-25000. This model offers a wide variety of features to the costumers including a rotary compressor and the power of 1180 Watt within the price of RS 22,090 only. The capacity of this model is 1 ton which provides a cooling effect of one’s satisfaction.

4. Voltas 183 CY Window

The 4th count in our list is the model that was introduced by the leading electronics company of India called Voltas. The 1.5 ton capacity of the AC with the compressor of High EER Rotary is really efficient in cooling with in the reliable price of 24,885 only. The unit is guaranteed with the 1 year warranty and also offers turbo and sleep modes. That is why it is rated as the top AC models for the year of 2015.

3. Carrier EsTrella Neo 1 Ton 3 Star

Standing on 3rd rank, Carrier is the one of the best-selling electronics brand of India. The model has the cooling capacity of 1 ton and air circulation of 300 CFM. It also provides the Vitamin C and Dust filters in addition to its auto swing and temperature detection. The affordable price is only 21,335 RS.

2. Blue Star 3W18LB

Next on the list is the model launched by the renowned company of India named Blue Star. This model has the specifications that are unique in its own. The indoor dimension of this model is 660 mm x 430 mm x 705 mm with the capacity of 1.5 tons. The sleek and stylish body and the reliable price of the product makes it one of the best AC model with a rating of 4 stars and the price of 22,990 only.

1. Whirlpool Magicool Elite IV 1.5 Ton 4 Star

The one of the best-selling and renowned brand from India, Whirlpool is next on our list because of its stylish and elegant model of window AC. The package of this model includes a unit of AC with the user manual and a year warranty card. With the rotary compressor and turbo cooling, the model is very efficient in cooling. The price of the Whirlpool model is 24,351 only.

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