Top 5 Best Window AC Below 40,000 Rs. In India 2017

As for the summer, many homes in the warm climate have air conditioning systems. For many people, Air Conditioner may be a luxury but for some, it is a necessity. Air condition is the blessing of the God and indirectly of the human beings that removes the heat from the room thereby leaving it cool and fresh. The other important function of the Air Condition is the removal of humidity making the environment of the room clean, fresh and humidity free. It also maintains the ventilation of the room by keeping the dust and other impurities out of the room.

It is one of the best inventions of the 20th century that has leaded many other inventions and luxuries. Check out the top 5 best Window ACs in India with the price less than 40,000.

5. LG LWA18PRDFH1 Window AC

It is the one of the best model in India with in the price range of RS. 40,000. The product from the LG Company makes your life good with its quality features and reliable functioning. The model comes with the specs like auto air swing, hot and cold functions and anti-bacterial filter with the energy saver mode in just the rice of RS. 31,990 in almost all the cities of the India.

4. Godrej GWC 18 GU3 WOT

Standing at the top best brads in India regarding the Air Conditioning is the Godrej. The model of Godrej provides the auto restart and auto sleep functionality in the affordable price range. The Air conditioner is available in India with the capacity of 1.5 tons in the amazing price of RS. 30,990 with the stylish body and design.

3. Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW518KUD

It is one of the best Window Air Conditioners in India that provides the 1 ton capacity with the reliable cooling efficiency. The air circulation of this model of Window AC is almost 400 CFM with the indoor sound level of about 50 dB and the power consumption of 1030 Watts. The amazing price of this model is about 32,140 in all the cities of India.

2. O’ General AXGT18AATH – 1.5 Ton

The best Window AC in India is the AXGT18AATH – 1.5 Ton from the company O’ General. It is the name of trust when it comes to quality and durability of Window ACs in India. The model offers 1.5 tonnages with advanced hyper tropical technology that makes cooling efficient even in 50 degree hot climate.

1. Whirlpool MAGICOOL ELT IV (1.5 T)

Standing on the 1st in our ranking, the model of this Whirlpool Window AC has won the hearts of many Indians with its excellent features. It is the reasonable pricing technology with great qualities. The model offers 6th sense energy saver, MIFI technology and the Japanese Compressor.The sleep functions also enable the auto sleep with its auto restart function. The model is available in the price of 32,500 in all across the India.






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