Top 5 Best Scooty Below 60,000 Rs. in India

Scooties are the latest trends that proved to be a great mode of transportation. If you are in search for a best mileage scooty that you can buy under 60,000 rupees, then it’s a must read article for you. For me If I’m looking for a best scooter / scooty under this 60k budget. I will check its important specifications like mileage, fuel capacity, pickup, company warranty and the weight because some time your house ladies or teenagers can also drive it. There are numbers of big brands that manufacturing good scooty in affordable budget, but you can compare it features according to your need and brand that you love. So, here we have mentioned top 5 best scooters / scooty that come for a price of less than INR 60,000.

1. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

Access 125 by Suzuki is a great and superior built scooter with great power that you should go for. Suzuki has embedded a liquid cooled, 4 stroke engine with a displacement of 124.6 cc, thus making it a powerful as well as cost efficient scooter with handsome design. If you are looking for a powerful scooter under 60,000 rupees, then this Suzuki access 125 is the best recommendation from us.

Cost: 56k approx.

2. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino

You must be aware with the dominance that Yamaha has in the two wheeler’s segment. But Yamaha is stepping rapidly into the scooter segment with great power as well. Yamaha Fascino is a great and stylish scooter that has a powerful 113cc engine, 113cc powered engine is capable of providing a mileage of something about 55 kmpl. It’s fascinating scooty with great mileage, superior looks, well priced and the most important is that the scooty is budget friendly.

Cost: 52k approx.

3. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 110cc

This beautiful scooty is designed very well and very much popular scooty series by Honda in India. The fuel tank that this scooty has got is of 5.3 litres and seems enough. Its powerful 124.9 cc air cooled engine provides a power of 8.6bhp at 6500 accompanied by a torque of 10.12 nm at 5500 rpm. If we talk about scooty then Activa is the most popular one, because of its price, availability, great design and comfortable drive that it provides.

Cost: 57k approx.

4. Vespa LX 125

Vespa LX 125

Vespa LX 125 is design and developed by LML and shares a huge market shares in scooters segment. The best part about LML Vespa LX 125 is that it provides a great mileage of 60 kmpl and still comes for only 59,000 rupees. The power that its engine is capable of providing is 10.06 bhpp @ 7500 rpm and a torque of 10.60 nm at 7500 rpm.

Cost: 59 k approx.

5. TVS scooty Streak

TVS Scooty Streak

TVS scooty streak is super light-weight weighing just 96 kilograms. TVS has compromised on the engine power to make it super light with increased mileage. As this scooty has got an engine whose displacement is only 87.4 cc, but it provides a pretty god mileage of up to 51 kmpl. If you are in search for a super lightweight and gear less scooty for normal usage and don’t want to spend much amount; then you should go for this one.

Cost: 51 k approx.


The five scooties that we have mentioned are superior ones that you can opt for under a price range of 60,000 rupees. The above mentioned scooties provides the best comfort, power and mileage in the segment and this is the reason why they are this much popular among buyers.






26 responses to “Top 5 Best Scooty Below 60,000 Rs. in India”

  1. Tanishq Avatar

    Dear Sir, I want to buy a scooter, but I am confused about the choice of scooter. My choices are Honda Activa, TVS jupiter, Hero Maestero Edge, and Mahindra Gusto. Please tell me which one is best scooter.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Santosh Avatar

      Hi Tanishq, my suggestion is to choose Honda Activa or Mahindra Gusto.

  2. J L Aasher Avatar
    J L Aasher

    Yamaha scooter is good

  3. rafa Avatar

    Dear Sir, I want to buy a scooter, but I am confused about the choice of scooter. My choices are Honda Activa 3g, TVS jupiter, Hero Maestero Edge, and suzuki access 125.. Please tell me which one is best scooter.
    Thanks and Regards,

  4. sutapa sen Avatar
    sutapa sen

    what will happen if i dnt pay my emi at proper time

  5. nilesh Avatar

    you should buy hero maestro edge

  6. pushpender Avatar

    all are wrong because tvs jupiter is best them all scooty .

  7. pushpender Avatar

    Tvs jupiter best hai kyuki milege acchi company 62 ka claim krti hai aur 50-55 de deti hai

  8. goldi Avatar

    i want to buy scooty but i m confused which one buy from maestro edge or accessor duet

  9. sunil kumar Avatar
    sunil kumar

    i want to buy scooty but i am conufused which one from Honda activa 125 or mahindra duro

    1. Santosh Avatar

      check both scooty reviews online!

  10. yovan raja Avatar
    yovan raja

    Which one is best scooty honda activa or yamaga rey z plss ans

    1. Santosh Avatar

      honda activa 3g is best

  11. Taufik Shaikh Avatar
    Taufik Shaikh

    Guyzz I want to know that how is yamaha ray zr & how much milage it gives.

  12. Narendra Avatar

    I want to buy bike but I confuse I buy gixxer or fz

    1. Santosh Avatar

      Which model of suzuki gixxer sf or suzuki gixer 155

  13. shirakkj Avatar

    Sir,i want to buy scooty,i want best mileage and perfect look ,which is best than all

  14. Roopesh Avatar

    Is the new model of TVS Jupiter millionre is bettre than Jupiter ZX ?
    OR Plz tell me best scooter Around Rs. 50000/-

  15. dishant Avatar

    Sir, I want to buy scotty,I want best mileage nd strong body.perfect look also. Plzz anss.

    1. Santosh Avatar

      Check activa 3g or TVS jupiter.

  16. deepankar gupta Avatar
    deepankar gupta

    Honda activa is the best

    1. Santosh Avatar

      Yes its good

  17. yash Avatar

    Shall I go for Honda Dio?
    Please answer.
    Thanks and regards.

    1. Santosh Avatar

      Yes, you can buy it, its is a good light weight scooty and gives very good mileage.

  18. yash Avatar

    Thanks so much sir.

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