Top 5 Best Schools in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the major cities in the country. Many people relocate here for better education and job prospects. The city is the largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad has also played host to a number of big personalities such as Bill Gates, George Bush, Tony Blair, and Bill Clinton.

Here we look at the Top 5 schools in Hyderabad.

1. Harvard/Howard Public School

Howard Public School

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The Howard Public School (formerly known as Harvard Public School) is more than 2 decades old and is known to be one of the best co-educational schools in Hyderabad. The school believes in imparting quality education in a child friendly environment. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and prepares its students for All India Secondary School Education.

2. Oakridge International School

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Oakridge International was established in 2001 in a rented premise. It started with pre-primary sections and classes I to IV. Today more than 2,500 students study here and this is one of the top schools in Hyderabad. The school also has residential facilities for boys and girls. Oakridge International School has the reputation of being the best international school in India. The teaching in Oakridge is secular in nature. Students are encouraged to enlighten their spiritual self and develop values that would benefit mankind as a whole.

3. Praganya Montessori School

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The Praganya Montessori School was founded in 2004. It is one of the best co-educational schools and provides full Montessori education for children. The school comprises of a primary school and an elementary school. The primary school caters to children from 2.5 to 6 years of age. Elementary school caters to the age group of 6-9 years and 9-12 years. The school boasts of an environment that makes it possible for children to become less dependent on adults. The school gives the child the opportunity to develop responsibility and self-respect.

4. St. George Grammar High School

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The Church of England established St. George Grammar High School. It was established with the sole purpose of meeting the educational requirements of students. It is one of the best schools in Hyderabad and is affiliated to the CBSE board. The school focuses on performance and excellence. It boasts of excellent infrastructure and various facilities for its students. The school is well equipped with well stocked libraries, laboratories and transport facilities for students as well.

5. EuroSchool

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Euroschool Hyderabad is part of the Euroschool chain across India. The school was launched in 2012 and has established itself as one of the best schools in the city. The school is affiliated to the CBSE board and offers education up to class XII. The school is spread across a 2-acre campus and the curriculum emphasizes on academic and non-academic development of children. The school houses professional coaches, hi-tech labs, well stocked libraries, and all other facilities needed for children to learn better.






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