Top 5 Best Refrigerators Under 20,000 Rs. In India 2016

There are many refrigerators / fridges available in Indian market with wide ranges of variety and technology. However, the ranges of refrigerators are generally decided on the budget or the price ranges. It is always best to know the top fridges under some specific budget. So, if you are looking for a refrigerator under INR 20,000, then here are the Top 5 Refrigerators in India under INR 20,000.

5. Samsung RR21J2835PX/TL

Samsung RR19J2414SATL

Unlike the other refrigerators in the list, Samsung RR21J2835PX/TL is Single door refrigerator. There are two shelves along with the freezer. There is separate basket for vegetables and fruits with an Anti Fungal Gasket. The refrigerator has direct cooling system that helps instant cooling. It keeps the product healthy and fresh. The product is priced at the INR 17,480.






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