Top 5 Best Refrigerators / Fridges under 10,000 Rs. in India 2015

Electronics Appliances have become the requirement of the life. It is not easy to survive without the machine. Fridge and Refrigerators are also very important in the modern age. The technology has taken the world of appliances to a new level. When it comes to the refrigerators, new technologies and innovations have come. In the recent years many options and new brands of also come. There are many refrigerators available in Indian market; however, when it comes to the market tap of INR 10,000, then you might look for the best possible options. Here is the Top 5 Fridge or Refrigerator under 10,000 in India.

5. Samsung RR1914BCASE/TL

This is one of the best refrigerators available in the market. The Single door, three shelves, 192 liters refrigerator is fit from all purposes. The direct cooling technology of Samsung helps it to cool it fast and effective. You can keep all required and essential stuffs like vegetables, fruits and even beverages. As far as the power efficiency is concerned, the refrigerator comes with 4 Star Rating and that is quite good power rating. It is available for the cost of INR 9990.

4. Godrej RD EDGE 185 CW 4.2 185 L

Godrej is one of the leading refrigerator makers in India. The ED Edge is a 185 liters single door refrigerator. It has two shelves and is powered by the direct cooling technology. The cooling is very fast and very good. As far as power efficiency is concerned, the Godrej RD Edge is a 4 star efficiency refrigerator. It is priced at INR 9990.

3. Electrolux REF EBP163SH-FDA

It is a single door refrigerator but smaller in size compared to others. The 150 liters refrigerator is good for low budget and it comes for around INR 8990. However, it also consists of the direct cooling technology that makes it one of the best in the industry in small budget. The freezer of the refrigerator is one of the best. However, the two shelves of the fridge are equally efficient. It has 2 star power rating.

2. Kelvinator KN183E 170 L

The 170 liters single door refrigerator is known for the high efficiency and space. There are multiple colors available for the refrigerator with the direct cooling technology. There are again two shelves available in the fridge with high quality freezer. It has 3 Star Power Rating. It is priced at INR 9,692.

1. Sansui SH163BBR-FDA

Sansui is one of the leaders in the electrical appliances and the refrigerator shows its class. The 150 liters single door refrigerator is powered by direct cooling technology. The fridge has two shelves and a top freezer. You can get few attractive colors as well for your choice. It has 3 Star Power rating with effective power saving and cooling. You can avail the quality refrigerator for INR 8590.

These refrigerators are very well featured and equally high on performance under INR 10,000. The cooling and power saving are two important factors of refrigerator along with different spaces.






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