Top 5 Best Microwave Ovens Under 20,000 Rs. In India

Microwave oven is one of the blessings of God whose importance cannot be denied. As the microwave ovens provide the functions of cooking, heating, grilling and browning, it is regarded as the time saver. It helps to cook the food in a very little time as compared to the traditional methods of cooking. Besides cooking, grilling and heating, it also provides the functions of baking. That means all-purpose microwave ovens are being introduced in the markets that has helped the women to save their large portion of time.

Are you also impressed by the functionality of the microwave ovens? And looking for the microwave ovens within the price range of 20,000? Then have a look at the top 5 microwave ovens with this price range in India before making any choice.

5. Panasonic NN-CT641M

This is the convectional and grill type unit that has the facility for the combination cooking with the fusion of grilling and heating and roasting. With this microwave oven, you can do many things because of its low power consumption. With 64 auto cook Indian menus and overall 101 menus, you can cook the food easily that is very delicious and tempting with the regards of Indian tradition. It comes in the black color with the economical price of RS. 10,590 in India.

4. LG MC-7880PSR

Next on our list is the product from LG. this model is made up of stainless steel that makes even transfer of heat to the food and it does not peel off like the other coated cavities. It gives the 76 auto cook menus with almost 48 Indian Auto cook menus. It is designed by the intellowave technology with multi-cook power levels in the price of RS. 11,950 in India.

3. LG MC2841SPS

Another product from the company LG, that gives a healthy touch to your loving food. It is available in the combination of two colors, vibrant silver and spark red. This oven also features the intellowave technology that cooks the food evenly from all the sides making it soft, juicy and tender. This Microwave offers 131 auto cook recipes with only 87 Indian menus that are why Indian women mostly prefer this microwave oven which costs only RS. 12,400.

2. Panasonic NN-GT231M

The second best microwave oven in India is also a product from Panasonic. It is the one of the leading companies in India that is producing quality products since its origin. This product of Panasonic is a grill microwave oven that helps you to make delicious food with in no time. It offers 38 auto cook menu with at least 26 Indian menus. It comes in sleek attractive design that makes your kitchen attractive and sturdy. It comes in the price of RS. 7,104 in India.

1. Samsung GW73BD 20 L

A product from the leading manufacturer all across the globe. This product offers the three way cooking system that allows the heat to penetrate deep inside the food. This product features the glass door with the price of RS. 7,390 in India.






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