Top 5 Best Microwave Ovens Below 15,000 Rs. In India

Microwave ovens are one of the best inventions of the 20th century that allows us to save time and it has made our life very easy and convenient. The microwave ovens are greatly used by the women who are working in the offices and have no time to prepare the food for their families. Not only for working women but it has also now become a very essential part of almost all the families. Whether it’s use in houses or in offices or in canteens and cafeterias their importance and value cannot be denied.

There are thousands of microwave ovens and their models available in the market that makes it very difficult for the one to buy the best microwave oven by staying in his budget. Microwaves are not too expensive but also not too cheap. Their quality does really don’t effect on the price as the microwave radiations are same in all the ovens. So check out the top 5 models of microwave ovens that lays in the price range of about 15,000 in India:

5. Panasonic NN-CT641M Convection 27 Ltrs

Standing on the number 5th, Panasonic offers the reliable and quality microwave oven that is priced only RS. 12, 348 in India. It is a type of convectional microwave oven that offers almost 101 auto cook menus with the cavity made up of stainless steel. It offers the capacity of almost 27 liters and also features a very less cooking time.

4. LG MC2144CP Convection 21 Ltrs

The 4th most best microwave oven in the price range of only 10,990 in India is the product from LG that offers the stainless steel cavity with a combination of four different cooking modes that enables the tasty meal to prepare. It provides 76 cooking menus with 5 power levels. It also serves the function of defrosting and grilling as well.

3. Morphy Richards 60 RCSS OTG 60 Ltrs

It is a type of oven toaster and griller that also provides the functions of microwave ovens like heating and browning. It also fits the bill perfectly because of its minimum power consumption and it features rotisserie function that allows grilling the food perfectly. This oven toaster comes along with the baking tray, wire rack, crumb tray and many other chambers with in the price of only RS. 13,745 in India.

2. IFB 25DGSC1 Convection 25 Ltrs

Next on our list is the product from one of the leading brand of India. It has the different cooking levels along with the convection microwave oven. It also offers the double grillers that allow the food to cook from both the sides equally making it tender and juicy. This product has 54 auto cook menus and is inner cavity is made up of the stainless steel. You can buy it in the price of RS. 13,090 from anywhere in India.

1. Samsung CE1041DFB/XTL Convection 28 Ltrs

Samsung also brings a wide range of microwave ovens with the economic and affordable prices. This product is one of them. It offers 52 auto cook menus with 6 different power levels. The approx. cooking time of the meal in this oven is almost 99 minutes. The affordable price of this model is just RS. 10,490.






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    This is a nice post. Microwave helps a people in various way by heating the water and by making food. Microwave saves time in processing food. This posts has shown some quality microwaves which will help the buyer to select the best microwave for their home . So thanks for writing such a beautiful post.

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