Top 5 Best Microwave Ovens Under 10,000 Rs. In India

With the passage of time, the advancement in technologies is also growing rapidly. Machines are replacing the man as the time passes by. Microwave ovens are regarded as the time saver for many working ladies who have no time to work in the kitchen. Besides heating, the microwave ovens also provide the service of cooking and roasting depends upon the functions of the microwave ovens.

Quality products in the microwave ovens are those that can perform all the functions which are meant to be performed like cooking, heating and food preparing. Looking for best microwaves in price of 10,000 in India, then check out the latest products in your budget.

5. Onida PC23 MO23CJS11B

This microwave oven stands on number 5th in the ranking of the best microwave ovens in the 10,000 range in India. Because of its high quality and unique features this model from the Onida group has won the hearts of many Indians. This is a convection microwave oven that features almost 54 menus that are specially created for Indian families. The power of the Onida microwave oven is 800 W and is composed of stainless steel. It is available in India with the price of just RS.9, 990.

4. Whirlpool 20C

Next on our list is the product from the Whirlpool which is the largest and leading company of electric appliances in India. The Whirlpool 20 C is the model of the company that is priced only 8,000 in India. Thespecs it offers are the conventional heating and is able to cook almost 118 menus including Chinese and Indian recipes. The turntable capacity of this model is almost 270 mm.

3. IFB 20SC2 20 L

The one of the most famous companies in India that is popular for its reputable and quality products. It is on our list because of the reliable microwave oven that features the convectional cooking and heating with almost 24 auto cook menus. It comes with 24.5 cm turnable diameter in the attractive price of RS. 9,890 in India with the three years of warranty.

2. Samsung GS89FD-S 23 L

The famous worldwide and the reliable products manufacturer, Samsung is also standing in our list because of its quality microwave ovens. This microwave is ideal for browning and grilling. It also offers various power levels that suit your requirements of cooking and food. It offers 50 auto cook menus with LED display in the very economic price of 8,295 only.

1. LG MG-7040NWR

The LG grill microwave oven is the best microwave oven in India that has got the highest votes from the Indian consumers. This oven has over 76 auto cook menus with 51 Indian recipes. It is the grill type oven that offers the capacity of 30 Liters and is completely made up of the stainless steel. It has various different power levels with 324 turntable diameter. It is available in the awesome and attractive price of RS. 9,711 in India.






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