Top 5 Best kitchen chimney Brands in India

In cooking, there are different things which one needs to do in the kitchen. Especially in India, the work is mainly done in a kitchen is like frying, grilling, and there is more use of oils and spices. When these are mixed, then it gives a special kind of aroma, but with this, there are different strain marks it kept on the kitchen walls, racks, ceiling, and other appliances. These spots are so tough that it will not get off even after rigorous washes. These stains do not look good, and the person cooking does not like to look at it. To avoid these stains in the kitchen, chimneys are required.

Different chimneys are available in the market of a different brand –

  • Glen – The chimney available under 10K this is having a stylish and sleek appearance, which gives a modern look to the kitchen. The air suction power is good enough for any kitchen to such all the dirt, oil, and dust out from the kitchen. It comes with a baffle filter, which is very easy to clean and maintain. It has an Italian copper motor in all the chimneys with TOP (Thermal Overload Protector). These are available in 2 colors that are stainless steel and black.
  • Bosch – Different standard and best of design chimney are available in this brand. The motor used in these chimneys is very powerful, which gives the feature of a recirculating process. It comes with baffle filters and that too in two-piece which could be very easy to get cleaned. Most of the chimney’s control panels are dishwasher safe and could be watched through that. Halogen lighting has been used, which are energy-efficient and make it different from others.
  • Hindware – It is a huge brand in different kinds of stuff of home and has a good holding into the kitchen chimneys. The chimneys made by it mostly having the technology feature of advanced thermal auto clean. It makes sure that all the residue gets cleaned from the chimney easily within one cleaning. With almost every chimney, there is a special cup for oil collection that ensures even minute traces of any form will not be there. It provides a motor warranty for 5 years and a product warranty for 1 year.
  • Sunflame– This is a known brand in the kitchen appliance with the cooktop and many more. Most of the chimneys come with a feature of auto clean. It comes mostly with the baffle filter along with a charcoal filter that removes impurities effectively. It has a touch system control, which is easy to handle.
  • Faber – The motor used in these chimneys is powerful as well as durable. It does the suction efficiently and could be used for a long time without having any issue of performance in the long term. It mostly comes with 3 layers of baffle filters that segregate water vapors, oils or spices smoke and does not let the kitchen to smell bad.

A chimney is essential for the kitchen in today’s time. Otherwise, it will spoil the beauty of the elegant look given by a designer to the kitchen. But it should be taken from a good brand as it will be having more durability and improve the look of the kitchen.

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