Top 5 Best Digital Cameras Under 10,000 Rs. In India 2015

With the passing years, the memories of the best moments of the life can become blurred. So this problem is solved by the digital cameras that make it convenient to keep your memories save for the long period of time and to keep the record of the beloved memories. It is now easy to take pictures of friends and families. The digital cameras are also the great way to record the celebrations and also help to make videos of the memorable times of life.

Listed below are the top 5 best digital cameras in India that are priced below 10,000 RS. Have a look at the features and specifications of them:

5. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W690

If you have the budget of 10,000 and you are considering to buying digital camera then Cyber-shot is best for you. The camera is effective in producing high quality images with the 16.1 MP cameras with the slim and stylish design that looks trendy in your hand. The lens of this camera features 10 X optical zooming capacity with the easy capturing modes with the typical Sony’s digital Camera user interface. The camera is available in the price of RS. 9,800 only in India.

4. Nikon Coolpix S6300

Next on the list is the camera from the brand, Nikon. The Coolpix S6300 offers several capturing features that make you easy to remember your friends and families. It is an excellent option to buy within the range of RS. 9,652 with the resolution of 16 Megapixels with the focal length of 25 to 250 mm that makes the capturing pix and recording videos a fun. It also offers the 19 capturing modes including the scenes like landscapes, low light etc.

3. Canon PowerShot SX150IS

Counting on next on our list is the camera from the Canon. The digital camera offers excellent features that make your pictures beautiful and memorable. The camera contains the resolution of 14.1 MP with the focal length of 28 to 336 mm. this is the best option for the persons who want to buy the digital camera with the economical price. The camera is available in the Indian market with the price of RS. 8,725 only. The Canon PowerShot offers the easy user interface with the large LCD of 3 inches.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH6

The next model of the digital camera that comes under the price tag of RS. 7,265, is the Panasonic Lumix that offers the best features in the compact and stylish pack. It offers the 14.1 megapixel resolution of the camera that is available in the outstanding color range like black, yellow, pink, blue etc. it comes in the wider LCD size that is 2.7 inches and it also has the3 ability to capture the picture in low light.

1. Olympus VG-160

Olympus VG-160

Everything you need is the Olympus VG-160 as it contains the features of the ideal camera that you want. It is the model that offers the resolution sensors of 14 megapixels and greater optical zoom ratio. It is available in the four colors and also offers different effects like sketch effects, pencil effects etc. it has the 3 inch display and is very cost effective that is available in only RS. 5,499 in India.

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